Love Hina #11

    Love Hina » Love Hina #11 - Vol. 11 released by Tokyopop on June 2003.

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    The gang is at the airport, seeing Keitaro off on his trip to study abroad in America. Haruka is there to say good-bye to Seta, who is leaving also. Keitaro tells them all bye, and that he'll see them again in six months. As he heads down the escalator, Naru starts to cry. The other residents head on home without her. Naru laments the fact that she never told Keitaro how she felt about him, but is shocked when she sees Keitaro and Seta coming back up the escalator. They tell her that their flight is delayed for about four hours. Seta goes looking for Haruka, and Naru decides she'll keep Keitaro company.

    They enjoy their time together, and have a picnic on the grass. Keitaro spills some liquid on his pants. With less than an hour left, Naru decides she's going to America with him. Keitaro is confused. Naru makes excuses that he'll need her and that he's likely to end up in jail without her, but finally she accidentally blurts out the truth... that she loves him(FINALLY!). Keitaro tells her that when he returns in six months, they'll finally go to Tokyo U together. He tells her that he can't promise her a happy ending, but he CAN promise that he'll still love her.

    They go back inside to spend the rest of their time together. Naru is still upset, but resigned to the fact that she'll have to live without Keitaro for a while. As she drifts off to sleep, she realizes that she never gave him her request card(see vol 10). Keitaro kisses her, and she wakes up with a start. She discovers that he's already gone, but next to her is her request card. It's revealed that she wished for a kiss, and Keitaro wrote a goodbye note on it. She sees his plane take off in the distance and yells out "idiot!" for a final time.

    Six months later, a dark figure approaches Hinata House...

    Six months have passed since Keitaro left for America. Shinobu and Su are now in high school, and Motoko has failed her Tokyo U entrance exam become a ronin; just like Keitaro used to be. Naru and Mutsumi are both sophomores at Tokyo University and Naru is acting landlord while Keitaro is gone. Mutsumi hands Naru a letter that arrived for Keitaro, and she puts in his room. Haruka comes and tells her that she thinks someone is in the entrance hall. Naru, thinking it might be Keitaro, excitedly runs off. As she leaves, we see another Naru seemingly putting on makeup.

    Kitsune comes up to this second Naru, and asks if she can be a little late on the rent. Kitsune is surprised when Naru2 unconditionally agrees, and is even more surprised when Naru2 grabs her breasts and asks how big they are. This second Naru then proceeds to go to the other residents and make embarrassing observations about them. She then tells them that they all need to take greater responsibilities in taking care of Hinata House. A black cat appears, and Su asks if what they say about black cats is true. Naru2 tells her yes, and that all the residents may want to leave while they're still sane. Kitsune is suspicious, and asks Motoko to perform an exorcism on Naru. At first Motoko declines because it will interfere with her studies, but after being violated by Naru2, she agrees.

    The real Naru arrives home, only to be chased by the residents who are hoping to capture her and perform an exorcism. They chase her into the hot springs, where they discover there are 2 Narus. Su uses one of her devices to determine which is the real one. Motoko tries to use a sword attack on Naru2 but misses. The second Naru chastises them for destroying the facilities and for lacking any sense of normalcy. She then takes off her mask and introduces herself as Kanako Urashima.

    The gang stands in disbelief as Kanako proclaims herself new landlord, but she pulls out a deed to bolster her claim. She then tells them that she's closing the girls dorm, and an armada of bulldozers appear behind her. As the construction crew gets to work, Haruka shows up wondering what all the disturbance is about. Kanako tells her that she's closing the girls dorm and asks her if she has any objections. Haruka seems somewhat nervous around Kanako, and runs off hurriedly. Later, at the cafe, she explains to the residents that Kanako is Keitaro's sister and she has a knack for impersonations. Naru decides that if Kanako is Keitaro's sister, she can't be all bad and leaves to go talk to her.

    She finds Kanako in Keitaro's room, looking at his print club photo album. She asks Kanako why she wants to destroy Hinata House, but Kanako turns around and asks Naru what kind of relationship she has with Keitaro. Naru stammers and tells the goth girl that they're just classmates. She then asks Kanako about Keitaro coming back. Kanako makes up a story about him falling through a time rift and dying as a railroad tycoon in the Old West. She then tells Naru that if she's just a classmate of Keitaro, their family affairs are none of her business. As Naru tries to explain, Kanako asks about the hole in the ceiling. Before matters can go any further, Shinobu runs in proclaiming that the other residents are forming a protest in the hot springs.

    The women have managed to get the construction crew to leave their work by offering free booze. Unfortunately, Kanako impersonates Haruka and manages to capture the residents apart from Naru. Naru tries to stop her, but Kanako tells her that she's too late: the construction is already in it's final phase.

    Jump cut to a completely refurbished Hinata House. The residents enter to admire the totally renovated building. Naru is pleased that Kanako left the hole in Keitaro's ceiling. Seeing that Kanako just wanted to renovate Hinata House and not demolish it, the gang goes to welcome Kanako to the family. Kanako looks at them blankly and tells them that what she said still stands: the Hinata girls dorm is no more. She tells the residents that if they stay it will be as employees.

    Welcome to the Hinata Inn.

    The Hinata residents have returned from being forced to march in a humiliating parade to promote the new inn. As they complain, Kanako tells them that she doesn't care what they think and then gives them their upcoming hotel jobs. Shinobu will be kitchen coordinator with Sarah as an assistant, Su will be chief technician, Motoko will be in charge of security, Kitsune is in charge of the hot springs, and Naru will be specializing in the service department.

    Kanako gives Shinobu too many duties, causing her to get flustered and run away. One by one she does things to cause the other residents to leave, until only Naru is left. She tries to make Naru leave also, but Naru is determined to not give up until Keitaro returns. Finally, Kanako resorts to impersonating the other residents, to no avail. Naru tells her that she's staying no matter what. The real Hinata residents appear behind her to back her up. Kanako tells them to have it their way.

    Kanako announces over the loudspeaker that the resident/employees can take a forty minute lunchbreak. They decide to take a bath, only to find that Kanako has locked the hot springs and put up a sign pointing to the new employee bath. Unfortunately, it's Keitaro's old washtub. After trying to bathe all at once, the residents decide to take turns. Shinobu leaves to try to talk some sense into Kanako.

    As they decry Kanako's spartan regime, they also lament the lack of communication from Keitaro. Mutsumi points out that Keitaro sent a letter right before Kanako arrived(see above). Naru tells her that she had said that the letter was FOR Keitaro, and Mutsumi apologizes. Thinking that the letter might hold some information about Kanako, the gang goes searching for it.

    Kanako is alone in Keitaro's room, when Shinobu bursts in and catches her smelling one of Keitaro's shirts. Shinobu is confused, and Kanako captures and impersonates her before the other residents can show up. When they finally do appear, they ask the fake Shinobu if she's seen a letter from Keitaro. Shinako uses her ventriloquism to announce that breaktime is over and the residents need to get back to work. After they leave, Kanako confronts the real Shinobu who is locked up in a tanuki(good luck statue). Su and Sarah burst in with Su's new letter tracking device, and discover what she's done to Shinobu. She ties Su up with Shinobu in the tanuki, and imprisons Sarah in a cat statue. Kanako then disguises herself as Su.

    Sunako rushes downstairs and shows off a fake mail detector. Kitsune and Motoko take the device, while Naru drags the fake Su to search Keitaro's room again. They talk about the letter and wonder about what it says. Sunako tries to discourage Naru by saying maybe Keitaro has forgotten about her. Su and Shinobu manage to break their legs free from the statue and start running. Naru is frightened, until the statue breaks and reveals Shinobu and the real Su. Kanako takes off her disguise, while Mutsumi points out that Tama-chan just flew with the letter. Naru and Kanako chase after the flying turtle, and after some death-defying stunts manage to both capture the letter. In mutual respect they decide to read it together; unfortunately it wasn't the mail from Keitaro, it was just a neighborhood flier.

    Mutsumi finds the real letter under a plate of food, and reads it to the group. Instead of saying anything meaningful, the letter from Keitaro just reminds them that he left extra food for Tama-chan in the storage shed. The gang is discouraged, especially Shinobu, who tells everyone that Kanako was sniffing Keitaro's shirt. Naru realizes that Kanako must miss her brother, and lets her keep the letter. A text block informs us that Kanako reopened the hot springs for the employees the next day(for a fee, of course).

    Kanako is in her room working on her Naru impersonation. It seems Naru is the only resident she has trouble performing, due to her inability to get Naru's smile right. She talks to Kuro about her troubles, and uses ventriloquism to make it seem that Kuro is answering back. Later, she opens her closet and reveals that she's kept files on everybody in Hinata House. She opens up Naru's file to study her smile some more, and then glances at a picture of herself and Keitaro when they were younger. Kuro tells her that it's the only picture where she's ever smiled.

    Afterwards, she interrupts the gang having a meeting in the attic. She tells them that breaktime is over, and Su asks if there's any food that she doesn't like. Kanako responds that she doesn't like anything sweet, when Sarah bursts in saying that Haruka is "down with the plan". Kanako asks about the plan, and Kitsune stammers something about a new advertising campaign and leaves quickly. Kanako stares after her in disbelief.

    Curious as to what is going on, Kanako disguises herself as Naru and attempts to get information to Shinobu, but to no success. She goes back to her room and tells Kuro that there's only one person who's kind to her no matter what: Keitaro. She enters her room to find it ransacked. Kanako had expected something like this in retaliation and is unconcerned until she notices that the picture of her and her brother is gone. Kanako declares, "there will be a reckoning".

    The residents are in the reception hall. They discuss how everything is place and wonder how they're going to draw Kanako out. At that moment, Kanako comes bursting in riding a giant Tamera 0 unit that Su had built. She declares that they went to far when they took her favorite picture, and the giant mecha-turtle starts blowing out laughing gas. The gang is laughing uncontrollably when Kanako notices a rope hanging from the ceiling. Thinking it's part of their plan, she pulls it and releases balloons, confetti and a "Kanako Surprise Party" banner. Shinobu explains that since they had gotten off to a bad start, the residents had wanted to throw her a surprise party. She then hands Kanako a dreamcatcher doll of her and Kuro. Su reveals that she had borrowed the picture so they would have a guide, and the other residents chide her for doing so without permission. Naru tells Kanako that she's just like Keitaro; jumping to conclusions. After the party, Kanako tells Kuro that she may be beginning to like it here.

    The gang is standing outside, preparing to welcome everybody for the Hinata Inn grand opening. Wondering where all their customers are, they discover a sign that Kanako has placed warning "no strangers". Kanako reveals that she has already booked their first guest, and they won't open until he arrives. The residents wonder who it could be, when Su gets an email from Keitaro. There's a problem with the font so the message is scrambled, but what they read reveals that Keitaro is coming back soon. Kanako tells everyone that Keitaro will be their first guest, and that he will be sleeping in her room. Kitsune and the gang think that is weird, but Kanako tells them that they would just ruin the inn's reputation. Naru has an idea and asks Kanako if she can impersonate Keitaro so the residents can prove themselves. Kanako is hesitant, but eventually decides to make Mutsumi up as Keitaro so she can finish her observations.

    Everybody gathers in the bath and treats Keitsumi like zhe's a guest. Keitsumi, of course, gives everyone kisses which flusters them. Zhe then sits next to Naru and tells her how much zhe's missed her. Naru gets embarrassed and tries to leave, but slips and falls. Keitsumi catches her and holds her close. They almost lock lips, but Kanako can't contain herself any longer and comes between them with a cry of "onisan!"(big brother). She then runs off, embarrassed.

    Naru finds her on a nearby swingset and tries to comfort her. Kanako coldly tells her stay out of her personal life and that she won't lose her brother to anyone, even Naru herself. As she walks off, Haruka comes up behind Naru and tells her to give up. Naru protests, saying that it's unnatural for girls that age to have a crush on their brother. Haruka tells her that she hopes that it's just a crush.

    Naru is trying to decide whether or not she should tell Kanako that she and Keitaro are a couple. Su drags her off to where the other residents are: standing in front of a large Employee Ranking Chart. They wonder about what it means until Kanako shows up and tells them that it's the result of her observations and shows how much each of them is in love with Keitaro. She tells them that there's no room for love in the workplace and if anybody scores higher than a 60 on the next test; she'll fire them. The other residents are upset, and Kitsune considers staging a coup, but Naru talks her out of it.

    Kanako introduces phase 2 of her plan, which involves hanging a Keitaro puppet up forcing the residents to punch it 10 times each time one of them has to go to the bathroom. Kitsune declares how stupid that is, and Sarah tells Kanako to practice what she preaches and for her to punch the puppet. Kanako tries, but can't bring herself to do it. Frustrated, she tells everyone that they're fired. Naru disguises herself as Keitaro(poorly) and tries to defuse the situation.

    Unfortunately, Kitsune and the other residents aren't fooled. As leave out the front door, they tell Naru that from now on she's one of the enemies. Naru wonders how they could have seen through her crappy disguise, and Kanako thanks her for staying. In the window behind Kanako, we see a barrage of missiles heading for Hinata House.

    The missiles explode, and there's a bugle charge. Kitsune and the other residents have formed the Hinata House Liberation Front, and vow to overthrow Kanako's tyrannical regime. Kanako disguises herself as Haruka and tries to get them stop, but Su uses her X-Rated X-Ray light to prove that it's really Kanako in disguise. Kanako then unleashes her Tamera 0, but Su unplugs it; leaving it useless. Motoko attacks with her Cutting Evil Sword! Second Form! stripping Kanako of her clothes. Naru manages to grab Kanako and retreat before any further damage is done. Kitsune climbs to the room and proclaims the return of the Hinata House girls dorm.

    Naru and Kanako have retreated to the cafe. Kanako asks Naru why she sided with her. Naru tells Kanako that if she really wanted to fire everyone, she would have done it a long time ago. As Kanako vows to retake the inn, she tells Naru that she made a promise a long time ago to run an inn with Keitaro. Naru inquires further about Kanako's feelings for her brother. The goth girl explains that they might be siblings, but they're not related by blood. Naru is puzzled.

    After an opening shot of a plane landing at Narita Airport, we're back at Hinata House where the Liberation Front is celebrating their victory. They're enjoying a meal from a traveling oden cart that has parked in front of the building. As the cart pulls off, we discover that it was really Kanako and Naru in disguise. Kanako pulls out a map and shows it to Naru. She then asks Naru if she'll help her, and Naru agrees. Kanako tells her that she's the only person who's ever been nice to her, apart from Keitaro. She then tells Naru about her past. Kanako was adopted as a young girl by the Urashimas, who owned a very famous Japanese dessert store. They would always force Kanako to try their newest desserts, but unfortunately Kanako hated sweet food. Keitaro was the only one who stood up for her. Mutsumi then pops up out of nowhere, crying about the sad story. Naru and Mutsumi manage to convince Kanako to apologize to the other residents. As they start to walk away, Mutsumi makes an off-hand comment about "Keitaro's promise girl". This earns her a sharp glance from Kanako.

    Kanako dresses Naru, Mutsumi, and herself as samurai and launches a new attack on Hinata House. Naru wonders what happened to talking. Kanako confronts Mutsumi about her "promise girl" remark and declares the promise girl to be the enemy. She blames the promise girl for Keitaro becoming a ronin and getting kicked out of their parents' house. Mutsumi tries to explain that Naru is the promise girl, but Naru shuts her up.

    The three samurai enter the house through the secret passages, set off explosions. They see Motoko and the three younger girls, but Kanako knows none of them are old enough to be the promise girl which leaves only one: Kitsune. They find Kitsune in the wine cellar(of course) and take her prisoner. She ties Kitsune up to giant rocket, and prepares to launch her into orbit. Naru can't take anymore, and tells Kanako that SHE is the promise girl. Kanako looks at her in hurt disbelief. She then fills with rage and prepares to press a detonator that will destroy Hinata House and all of their memories. As she hits the detonator button, a van comes crashing out of nowhere and manages to contain the explosion. Everyone looks around in a stunned mass confusion, as Keitaro exits the vehicle.

    Chapter Titles

    • Hinata 88: Time Given From God
    • Hinata 89: Naru... Or Not!?
    • Hinata 90: The End of Hinata Inn!?
    • Hinata 91: And Then There Were None!?
    • Hinata 82: Deceitful Airmail
    • Hinata 93: The Secret of Her Smile ♥
    • Hinata 94: Lovey-Dovey Simulation
    • Hinata 95: Trouble on the Hinata Front!?
    • Hinata 96: Verily, 'Tis A Raid On Hinata Castle


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