Love Glove

    Character » Love Glove appears in 9 issues.

    The Love Glove is able to take variously powered gloves from the otherworldly Glove Tree. He was a member of the Second Brotherhood of Dada.

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    Born and raised in Hull, Bobby Carmichael was a young man living a dissatisfied life on the dole when he began to have a dream about a mysterious whispering figure and a tree which grew gloves. One night, he put one of the gloves on his right hand, and when he awoke he found he had lost both his arms; in the place where his right hand should be, the glove from his dream hung in empty space. He obeyed the summons of the strange figure in his dream, which called him to Venice and the new Brotherhood of Dada.


    Love Glove was created by Grant Morrison and Richard Case. He made his first appearance in Doom Patrol #49.

    Major Story Arcs

    Nobody for President

    Meeting the other new members of the Brotherhood in Venice, he joins them in rescuing Mr Nobody, who was the mysterious figure in Bobby's dream, from the Painting That Ate Paris. He takes part in Mr Nobody's campaign for president. During the campaign he is seduced by a government agent, and betrays Mr Nobody. Immediately regretful of his decision, he breaks off his relationship with the agent and threatens to warn Mr Nobody. She shoots him in the abdomen, but leaves him alive. He drags himself to the stage during the chaos of John Dandy's attack on the brotherhood, apologizes to Mr Nobody for his betrayal, and dies of his injuries.

    Powers and Abilities

    The Love Glove is able to access an alternate dimension where the mysterious Glove Tree grows. He is able to pluck and wear these gloves on his missing left hand, and they grant him various abilities, such as super strength, technopathy, and painting very well.


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