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    Jaime, Gilbert, and Mario Hernandez created love and rockets and self released the comic. In 1982 it was picked up by Fantagraphics. After the release of the 50th issue Gilbert and Jaime Started making new comics with the same characters. But in 2001 Los Bros Hernandez started up the comics as Love and Rockets volume 2.

    Collected Editions

    Trade Paperbacks

    • Vol. 1: Music for Mechanics (collects stories from #1-2)
    • Vol. 2: Chelo's Burden (collects stories from #3-4, Mechanics #1)
    • Vol. 3: Las Mujeres Perdidas (collects stories from #5-11, Love and Rockets Bonanza!)
    • Vol. 4: Tears from Heaven (collects stories from #5-8, 10-12, Mechanics #1-2, Love and Rockets Bonanza!)
    • Vol. 5: House of Raging Women (collects stories from #13-16)
    • Vol. 6: Duck Feet (collects stories from #2, 6, 9, 17-20)
    • Vol. 7: The Death of Speedy (collects stories from #20-27)
    • Vol. 8: Blood of Palomar (collects stories from #21-26)
    • Vol. 9: Flies on the Ceiling (collects stories from #21, 27-32)
    • Vol. 10: Love and Rockets X (collects stories from #31-39)
    • Vol. 11: Wigwam Bam (collects stories from #33-39, 42)
    • Vol. 12: Poison River (collects stories from #29-40)
    • Vol. 13: Chester Square (collects stories from #40-50)
    • Vol. 14: Luba Conquers the World (collects stories from #41-50)
    • Vol. 15: Hernandez Satyricon (collects stories from #40-43, 45-46, 49-50)


    Omnibus Editions

    Starting in 2007, Fantagraphics repackaged every story from Love and Rockets Volume 1, organized by creator and collected in chronological order, in a series of affordable, compact paperback volumes:

    The Jaime Stories

    • Book 1: Maggie the Mechanic: The first of three volumes collecting the stories of spunky Maggie, her brash best friend and sometimes lover Hopey, and their friends.
    • Book 2: The Girl from H.O.P.P.E.R.S.: Centered on one of Jaime's peaks, "The Death of Speedy," this is the second comprehensive Maggie & Hopey collection.
    • Book 3: Perla la Loca: The third comprehensive Maggie & Hopey collection, featuring "Wigwam Bam," a marriage, and much more.

    The Gilbert Stories

    • Book 4: Heartbreak Soup: Collecting the first half of Gilbert Hernandez's acclaimed magical-realist tales of "Palomar"
    • Book 5: Human Diastrophism: The second half of the Palomar saga, in which the town's idyll is broken by a serial killer, the modern world's intrusions, and a shocking death.
    • Book 6: Beyond Palomar: Collecting two groundbreaking works: "Poison River" and "Love and Rockets X," continuing to chronicle the adventures of Luba and her family.

    And One More for the Road

    • Book 7: Amor y Cohetes: All of the non-"Locas," non-"Palomar" stories from Love and Rockets volume 1, collected in one spectacularly diverse package.

    Anniversary Boxset


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