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After the end of the Maggie "Devil Dog/Frogmouth" epic in #10, Jaime starts off a cycle of short, self-contained yarns spotlighting various members of his cast. In the lead story, Ray has a sinking feeling in his gut and he doesn't know what it is — could it be his best friend Doyle's homosexuality? Could it be the return of his ex-girlfiend Maggie? Could it be that people are talking but he doesn't know what they're talking about? Meanwhile, in "Down at Elmo's," Hopey's job as a bartender in a seedy neighborhood puts her in contact with locals. On the Gilbert side of things, World War II erupts in "Julio's Day": Julio's brother joins the fight overseas, their sister Sofia remains bedridden since the funeral for her husband and two sons... and Julio's boyfriend says goodbye. Plus some surprises!

Story Titles

  • "Dumb Solitaire" by Beto
  • "Stars Sweet Home" by Jaime
  • "Life through Whispers" by Jaime
  • "Intellectual Pursuit" starring the Kid Stuff Kids by Beto
  • "Shindleria Praematurus" by Mario and Beto
  • "Who is Rena Titanon?" by Jaime
  • "Julio's Day" by Beto

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