Louis Snipe

    Character » Louis Snipe appears in 7 issues.

    Louis Snipe was a two-bit snitch who was involved in the murder of Jim Corrigan.

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    Character History

    Louis Snipe's Life

    Louis had a hard life and became bitter leading him to his life of crime. His father worked his butt off for nothing and his mother struggled. His brother was killed in World War II. With no one to turn to Louis started his life of crime and he would eventually meet Jim Corrigan.

    Jim Corrigan was a New York City, Police detective until he was killed and he became the Spectre. His death was on the hands of many men and one of those men was Louis Snipe. Louis had been a snitch but set up Jim to get captured by the men who would kill him by placing him in a barrel filled with cement.

    After Corrigan's death Louis lived out his life never paying for his involvement in the murder. He ended up an old man living out his final days in a hospital. That is where the Spectre (Corrigan) found him and he used his powers to find out is Louis was guilty. Once he found out Louis was guilty he showed Louis how empty his soul was and it was like a black hole. The very hole in his soul swallowed itself up into nothingness.

    Louis Snipe's Death

    Louis went to hell after the Spectre defeated him and the Spectre met him again when he saw him in hell being tortured by giant worm like creatures.


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