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Crated by writer John Smith with artist Scot Eaton. He originally was intended to be a Vertigo take on Doctor Fate, but it was reworked into an original character, Scarab, due to editor Stuart Moore feeling it was too drastic a departure for an established character like Dr. Fate.


Louis Sendak was a retired super-hero from the 1940's. He found a mythical green Door to a room where his father would disappear. His father would bring back magical and alien artifacts. One of this items was the Scarabaeus which bonded to him in 1941.

Major Story Arcs


Wesley Dodds the original Sandman asks the Gray Man to locate the old hero who will be able to locate the baby that will become the new Dr. Fate. He was attacked by the Dark Lord while helping to locate the Fate child. He appears at Wesley Dodds funeral and tells the members of the new JSA his back story and why he dropped from sight in 1944. Louis Sendak had been a member of second tier mystery men group called the Seven Shadows who were based in the Windy City. Johnny Sorrow had killed them when he came back from the subtle realms, where Sandy had inadvertently sent him. Johnny Sorrow was about to use Sandy as a doorway for the King of Tears until Scarab found the JSA to help free Sandy. Louis suffered a mental breakdown from the deaths of his teammates. His wife Eleanor was drawn to the door while he was recovering. Decades later, Scarab had been captured by Johnny Sorrow. He was now an old man and Johnny Sorrow made him the unwitting vessel for the King of Tears to enter our realm.


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