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    Witch from finnish mythology.

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    The main antagonist in the Finnish national epic Kalevala, the creator of all kinds of plagues and evils, that the heroes of Kalevala have to endure.

    She`s the leader of Finlands Southern people.

    She can change to a giant, anthropomorphic bird.

    She has given birth to 12 evil sons, and many daughters who weren`t evil.

    She tried to steal Sampo, a magical artifact that gives it`s owner amazing riches. She was stopped by the heroes of Kalevala, and died.

    In Disney-stories.

    When Scrooge, Donald and his nephews start to look for Sampo, Donald and Scrooge wind up waking Louhi of her eternal sleep in Tuonela (the place where Finish people goed after they died). She escapes from Tuonela, with the help of Magica De Spell, and decides to start tormenting Finland once again. But first she has to face the ducks and Väinämöinen, the great mythological hero of Finland. She steals the Kantele of Väinämöinen, and starts her destructive mischievous doings, by calling the monster Iku-Turso. But, she is beaten by the heroes, and becomes a poor resident of Helsinki.


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