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Lotus was originally one of Alex Wilder's friends who played a Marvel heroes based M.M.O.R.P.G. with HunterOscar, and Stretch, where Lotus would play Daredevil.  She liked to attend RenFairs (Renaissance Fairs with crafts and historic re-enactments), yet also was aware of her position as "token girl" in their role playing circle.  Although they had never met in person she did not believe that Alex was a minor, and began to meet with Hunter, Oscar and Stretch in person.  Lotus often tied her brown hair back and wore a medieval style bodice over a cotton shirt to reflect her interest in the renaissance period.  

The Pride

When the four friends began to meet on a regular basis they started to wonder why Alex had suddenly disappeared.  Hunter revealed that he'd hacked into Alex's account and discovered files that revealed what had happened to him from his own warped perspective.  Believing that Alex, his father and The Pride were genuine super heroes, the four of them set out to resurrect their friend using the black magic spells within The Abstract.  However, instead of saving the life of Alex Wilder, they brought forth a time-displaced Geoffrey Wilder from 1985; a younger version of Alex's father before Alex had even been conceived.  Lotus was vocal in her doubts about the spell, and she had been right to worry.  The spell had been black magic, and therefore instantly killed Oscar who had read the spell.

However, Lotus and the others were deceived by Alex's father.  He convinced them to work as his new Pride, and gave them weapons and powers to 'save' Molly Hayes from the other runaways.  Lotus realised that the others had been using their new powers and weapons for a lot longer, and therefore thought of the tactic to 'divide and conquer'.  During their first fight, it was Lotus who conjured up the memory of Nico Minoru's kiss with Chase Stein and therefore caused the ensuing fight between Nico and Gertrude Yorkes.  Yet her new mystical abilities did not prepare her for the consequences of her actions.

Although Wilder's plan to sacrifice Nico's soul to the Gibborim in exchange for the lives of his wife and son had failed, he later murdered Gert.  Stretch was institutionalised, and Hunter joined the Peace Corp, yet Lotus tried to get on with her every day life by going back to work.  However Chase located her and "recuited" her into his services.  She knew that he held her partially responsible for the murder of his girlfriend, and therefore feared for her own life.  Under duress, she revealed the location where Geoffrey Wilder had contacted the Gibborim.  There she was witness to Chase's deal with the Gibborim; one innocent soul to bring Gert back to life.  She believed that Chase was going to offer her soul as the sacrifice, however he pointed out that her soul was far from innocent.

Lotus returned from Limbo with Chase, but was abandoned in the middle of nowhere, alone to come to terms with her own personal demons.

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