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    Character » Lotus Newmark appears in 53 issues.

    Lotus Newmark is a skilled martial artist as well as businesswoman. She is an influential gangboss in the L.A. area.

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    Lady Lotus was a Japanese agent during WWII who possessed strong mental abilities, she posed as a shopkeeper in Chinatown, New York, where she used her powers to avoid the Japanese internment camps and gather up several anti-American agents to form a group called the Battle-Axis.


    Lady Lotus was created by Don Glut, Alan Kupperberg and Rick Hoberg in 1979 and first appeared in The Invaders # 37.

    She has been at odds with the likes of Captain America. She has recently resurfaced somehow maintaining her youth and thinks that all of her enemies are dead.

    She was raped by U-Man for betraying his trust. They would have a daughter called Nia Noble.

    Captain America: Forever Allies

    In Captain America: Forever Allies, it was revealed that Lotus Newmark is Lady Lotus


    Lady Lotus possesses strong psychic powers, which include the ability to hypnotize others from miles away, forcing them to obey her will. She can cast mental illusions and has limited precognitive powers. She is also clairvoyant and has the ability of precognition.


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