Lost Lanterns

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    The Lost Lanterns are members of the Green Lantern Corps who were the final defense against Hal Jordan when he went rogue and assaulted the Green Lantern Corps. They were left for dead, but later rescued by Jordan from the Manhunters. They still held a grudge for his initial attack.

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    Hal Jordan discovered the unconscious Lost Lanterns on Biot and brought them back to Oa to rejoin the Green Lantern Corps. They still do not trust Hal because they were not around when it was discovered that Parallax made him attack them, they still believed it was his fault and he should no longer be a Lantern. Many of them have since died, but the remaining have forgiven Hal and fight along side him.

    Since being found on Biot:

    Others who were recovered from Biot but do not travel with the Lost Lanterns because they were not left for dead by Hal Jordan:

    • Arisia was thought to have been murdered by Major Force but her race's natural healing abilities revived her after she was buried. The Cyborg Superman sent his Manhunters to bring her back to Biot.
    • Lashorr was thought dead after fighting the Dominators.
    • Relok Hag was thought dead after fighting the Dominators. He was forcefully made into an Alpha Lantern under the orders of the Cyborg Superman.

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