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    Lorne is an empath demon from another dimension, a good demon who enjoys music more than mayhem. He has guest-starred in Angel and Angel spinoff comics from time to time.

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    Lorne was born into the Deathwok clan of demons. They were benevolent yet fierce fighters, however, Lorne chose not to become like them. He instead spent his time appreciating life, to the dismay of his family. He accidentally stumbles into a portal leading him to Los Angeles. As a stark contrast to his own realm, Los Angeles embraced cultural hobbies like art and music. Lorne learned to hone his natural hunting and tracking abilities into an aura reading skill, but oddly, only when people sing. He opened a karaoke bar known as Caritas, which is Latin for mercy. The bar is later shanghied by Gunn's old gang, and soon after blown up by Holtz. Lorne is not discouraged and becomes head of the Entertainment Division of Wolfram and Hart. In this position his jovial nature was replaced by sarcasm and cynicism. This was due to his perceived position as a sideline member of Angel Investigations, only a supporting member. Fred's possession by Illyria puts him into depression. He does one final good act for Angel, killing former ally Lindsey, leaving then with a "Goodbye, Folks."


    Lorne has the ability to read one's aura, but only when they sing. At this time, he can also read their thoughts and emotions. He can also heal from wounds up to and including decapitation.


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