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Lorna Dane was a renowned Hollywood actress who was known for being a "gold-digger" and would only get into relationships with men to take their wealth. She later became the girlfriend of Fred Walker and worked at Argus Pictures under Mr. Bentley.


Lorna Dane was created by legendary comic-duo Bill Finger and Bob Kane. She first appeared in Detective Comics #40 which also featured the debut of Basil Karlo (The 1st Clayface).

Major Story Arcs

The Murders of Clayface

Mr. Bentley hires Lorna Dane as the lead actress for his new horror film entitled "Dreadcastle". Lorna later split up with Fred Walker on the set, claiming that he's not bringing in the money any more. A heated argument starts between the two with Walker claiming that he ought to kill Dane. An unknown killer later murders Lorna on the set of the film and Walker is considered a prime suspect (However, this is later proved to be false).

The Coming of Clayface

In this retelling of the original "Murders of Clayface", Lorna plays the same role as she did in the original story.


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