Lorie Bobbs

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    A young girl with a good head for business but a terrible eye for reality.

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    Lorie Bobbs comes from a family with a very interesting, and genetically tragic, family tradition. In each generation, the oldest son marries the oldest daughter. Over the years, this has led to a whole host of genetic disorders, some of them obvious, others not so much.

    In the case of Lorie Bobbs and her brother/fiancee Billy-Bob Bobbs, the obvious disorder is cyclopsism - a single eye in the center of the face. In the case of Lorie, she has a visual disorder wherein her brain reinterprets visual signals. This means that she might look at a car and see, for example, an emu.

    For all this, Lorie Bobbs is a big-hearted and compassionate woman. After the death of her brother, she went to Texas to make a life for herself. It was there she met a fragile amnesiac named Jodie, who had just been released from a mental hospital. Lorie took the woman under her wing, and the two of them made their way to Salvation, Texas. There Lorie was able to use her natural talent at business and she and Jodie opened a bar and grill.

    Still, for many outsiders her deformity was cause for mockery and abuse. All that stopped when Jesse Custer came into town and became the sheriff. Jesse had been a good friend to Lorie's brother, and still felt bad about how he had died. But Lorie forgave him, knowing that he was not to blame. It was the terrible people at Angelville who had killed her brother, not Jesse.

    Life got better for Lorie after a while. Jodie recovered her lost memories and remembered herself as Jesse's mother, Christina Custer. Salvation was released from the grip of the malicious meat magnate Odin Quincannon, and when his brother Conan Quincannon came into town and started a waste-processing plant, Salvation's prospects brightened immeasurably. She went to work with Mr. Quincannon, putting her sharp business mind to work.

    Eventually she fell in love, when disgraced rock star Arseface came into town. He was at the end of his rope, and Lorie, ever the one to help the fallen, got him a job at Mr. Quincannon's plant. Also, thanks to her unique vision problem, she was the only person who didn't see Arseface as a disfigured freak - to her, he was the most handsome man she'd ever known. It was true love, or at least as close as it gets.


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