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    Lori Morning is a young girl that was taken to the future and watched over by the Legion of Super-Heroes. She eventually gained an item called the H-Dial that granted her random super powers and joined the Workforce.

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    Lori Morning was born in the late 20th century in the USA, a typical child of her place and time...until her father fell in with Chronos. Ronald Morning became an aide to the villain and after Chronos was granted inherent time-travel powers by Neron, Lori came to his attention, as his demon-spawned time-travel abilities had a drawback-to use them aged him severely-for which he devised a means of transferring to others. Prefering children, with their greater capacity for aging, he aged five children into their eighties while searching for a time machine, before, lacking other subjects, he took Lori-eager to be a grownup-with him.

    In the timestream, the two encountered XS, lost there after Brainiac 5 had neglected to account for the impact of her speed force link on time travelling by other means. Taking her back to his laboratory in the late 20th century, he realised that she was from the late 30th century, and had used "technological means to enter the timestream"-and thus, he could find and steal it, although his inability to speak interlac.

    At that moment, however, her father entered the room and, although she had been only slightly aged at that point, he recognised that she was older. Angry, he confronted Chronos, who sent Lori out of the room with XS, and the two discovered Chronos' previous subjects-whereupon XS ran to confront Chronos himself, finding him as he was aging Ronald Morning to death, after Lori's father had attacked him for aging her, which caused Lori to gasp in horror.

    At this point, Chronos' timeline somehow split in two. In the 20th century, Chronos aged XS, but Lori managed to communicate to XS that she should destroy Chronos' glove. The act of crushing it caused chunks of the ceiling above Chronos to collapse, breaking Chronos' neck. However, the glove itself rapidly deteriorated, but XS managed to piece it together long enough to restore Chronos' earlier victims and herself before it finally disintegrated. Moments later, however, the other Chronos appeared, remarked disgustedly on "his" corpse, and spirited Lori away and himself to the Legion of Super-Heroes' time...

    Story arcs

    Lori began a secretive superheroic career right under the Legionnaires roof. This would only last for a short time as Lori was caught and the H-Dial taken from her. With her dial held in Brainiac 5.1's laboratory Lori begged for him to return it to her. Recovering from severe burns and lost in thought due to his own woes went on without noticing her.

    Deciding to take matters into her own hands Lori waited until Brianic 5.1 retired for the night and sneaked into his laboratory. Exchanging the original H-Dial for a fake replica. Proty followed his friend and clinging onto her, alerted Saturn Girl with its psychic cries ending Lori's use of the Dial once again.

    These are Heroines Lori turned into:

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