Loren Jupiter

    Character » Loren Jupiter appears in 30 issues.

    Loren Jupiter was the Teen Titan's financer and funder. He is also the father of Titan member, Omen.

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    Loren Jupiter is a millonaire that through the ages has used his money and intellect to become a man with a lot of influence, he had a son and a daughter however he didn't know any of them until they had reached adulthood. Years later Loren Jupiter would start a government sponsored program whose objective would be to train the teenagers of the United States in order to prepare them to be better adults, a program that would one day convince most of the original Teen Titans to join the program, the one member that didn't join was their leader Robin ( Dick Grayson) as he decided to go to college.

    Teen Titans funder...again

    Various years after the disbanding of the original team of Teen Titans, Loren Jupiter along with his assistant Omen (Lilith Clay) would appear once more in order to fund a new generation of Teen Titans that was formed by Prysm, Fringe, Joto (Hotspot), Risk, Argent and was leaded by a de-aged version of Ray Palmer (The Atom). This team would have several different missions, the one that is more important to mention for Loren Jupiter is when the Teen Titans along with the former founding members (Nightwing, Arsenal, Donna Troy, Flash and Tempest) battled and fought Haze who revealed to be Jarrod Jupiter, the long lost son of Mr. Jupiter.

    Together, the two Teen Titans teams were able to defeat the menace of Haze, it was also at the end of this mission that it was revealed that Omen was the former member of the Teen Titans known as Lilith Clay and that she was in fact, Loren Jupiter's ilegitimate daughter. Loren Jupiter would continue to fund the Teen Titans until the team disbanded yet again, after that he would move to Metropolis and not be seen after that.

    Infinite Crisis?

    The writer of the series " The OMAC Project" Greg Rucka revealed in an interview that originally it was Loren Jupiter who was going to be the guy in charge of Checkmate and the guy behind the O.M.A.C. project and the guy responsible for killing Blue Beetle (Ted Kord), however as the story progressed he realized that an evil Maxwell Lord fit better in the storyline because of his telepathic powers and his connection to the members of the Justice League International, replacing Loren Jupiter from doing his first appearance since the disbanding of his Teen Titans team.

    Possible powers

    Though no powers have been displayed by Loren Jupiter in any of his appearances, the fact that he has had 2 different children with different mothers and both had psychic powers it is believed that Loren Jupiter has the same powers and that he inherited them to his daughter and son, however there is nothing to confirm or deny this information.


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