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    Known initially as Lorelei, Lani Ubanu is a Savage Land native who was mutated in order to become a terrorist in Magneto's service. She later served the High Technician.

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    Brief History

    A member of the Swamp People inhabiting the Antarctic jungle known as the Savage Land, Lorelei received the power to hypnotize men after Magneto subjected her to a DNA-altering machine. Her powers are irresistible to males but have no effect on females. Lorelei became a member of the Savage Land Mutants (also known as Beast Brood), battling foes from the X-Men to Ka-Zar. She later joined Magneto's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and fought the Defenders.

    Recently, Lorelei found employment as a recruiter for AIM, enlisting other Savage Land mercenaries like herself.

    Powers & Abilities

    Her power lies in her voice. Lorelei emits hypersonic pitches that affect the sexual drives of males and mesmerizes them.

    Other Versions

    Ultimate Marvel:

    Controlling Thor
    Controlling Thor

    In the Ultimate Universe she first appears in a team of mutants known as the Brotherhood to take on the Ultimates. She took control over Thor when his back was turned and then commanded him to kill his beloved Valkyrie for her. After the fight she returned with her team and together they returned to the Savage Lands which was ruled by Magneto. She was taking care of the real Jamie Madrox. Wolverine killed her when he was trying to find the real Jamie during Ultimatum.

    She has the power to convince men to do and think whatever she wants. Wolverine was possibly Immune.


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