Lorelei Travis

    Character » Lorelei Travis appears in 115 issues.

    Lorelei Travis is one of The 198. Her power is prehensile hair and her first appearance was District X #1.

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    Lorelei Travis was formerly an exotic dancer at Wildkat Klub in Mutant Town. Despite the hardships presented to her by some of the locals and occasional harassment from customers, she seemed content. Her prehensile and long flowing hair also making her a rather popular attraction and draw at the Wildkat Club. Her powers continued to exist after M-Day, the event which found the majority of the mutant population depowered and without powers. However, a group of militant Purity members, exploiting the vulnerability of lower mutant numbers, identified Lorelei as a mutant and attacked her cutting off all of her prehensile hair. She is saved and taken to the mutant refugee camp situated at the X-Mansion by Toad. At the camp, a mysterious and enigmatic mutant Absolom Mercator, also known as Mr M. He quietly and gently uses his powers to restore her hair, much to Lorelei's delight. At another point in time, Mr M observes more conflict within the 198 camp. Lorelei tries to ease his mind by reminding him he can not help everyone. She settles him into a chair and starts to massage his shoulders. Mr M becomes hesitant and attempts to leave not wishing to make Lorelei feel like she owes him anything out of debt for restoring her hair, but Lorelei becomes more insistent with the powerful mutant, reiterating that this is what she really wants. The two embrace romantically. Later on the ONE has forced all the mutants in the refugee camp to be implanted by chips in their necks. They are not allowed to leave the camp and if anyone misbehaves, they shock them. When Mr. M removes the chips, Lorelei tells to escape with her, and if anyone wants to can join them. She and the escaped mutants were lead to an island in the middle of the lake by Mr. M. Unfortunately the X-Men and the ONE find them and a fight breaks in. Scalphunter captures Beast and points a gun at his head. Lorelei tries to save him, but gets punched by Scalphunter. Mr. M gets enraged to what Scalphunter has done Lorelei, which leads him to his death by Magma, who is being controlled by Johnny Dee. Lorelei and Leech mourn and comfort each other at Mr. M's coffin. When they fall asleep, they wake up to find his body missing.   


    The long haired mutant Lorelei is a Marvel comics character, created by David Hine, and David Yardin. She first appears in the Marvel Knights imprint series District X #1.  

    Major Story Arcs 

    Civil War

    Caliban, Domino, and Shatterstar break out the 198, taking the mutants and Lorelei to a bunker inthe middle of desert. Badly enough they find themselves sealed inside and with nuclear weapons, which are activated for self-destruct. The X-Men come and try to help, but get involved in a fight against Bishop and ONE. Lorelei discovers that Cyclops is being controlled by Johnny Dee. She also is being controlled by Johnny Dee along with the other mutants, who attack Domino and Shatterstae. Evantually they were all freed from his control. 


    Lorelei was shown in San Francisco at Avalanche's bar, meeting up with Hellion, Match, Sunspot, Adam X-Treme, and Meld. They were talking about Norman Osborn's rule on the city when he forces a curfew on mutants. They intend to break the curfew and get arrested on TV in non-violent protest. However they weren't able to do their plan as the Dark X-Men arrived to stop them, which ressults in a fight. The Dark X-Men won the fight and has taken Lorelei and her friends into custody. She and her friends were freed by the X-Men when they rasied Asteroid M from the sea.  

    Powers and Abilities

    Lorelei has prehensile hair, which gives her mental control over it. Her hair is especially lengthly and tends to be quite animated. Lorelei will generally use her power for more creative pursuit, as it seems impractical for anything more confrontational.   
    Physical Characteristics 
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 143 lbs (65 kg)
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Pink

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