Lords and Agents of Order

    Team » Lords and Agents of Order appears in 75 issues.

    A group of mystical beings, gods, and mortal agents that represent of the two universal forces in the DC Universe constantly fighting one another for supremacy against the forces of chaos, otherwise known as the Lords of Chaos.

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    The Lords and Agents of Order are a group of beings whose responsibility is to maintain the balance of order within the known universe and prevent the Lords of Chaos, their opponents, from unleashing an age of chaos where they reign supreme (known as Kali Yuga) by directly challenging them or empowering agents to act in their stead. With the exception of Amethyst, it is believed all the Lords of Order have been killed by the Spectre.

    List of agents and lords

    Agents of Order

    As powerful beings, the Lords of Order may choose upon agents of mortal, godly, or otherwise. Varying in power, it is also common for select agents to operate under a mantle and are commonly empowered by Lords.

    • Deedra
    • Gemimn
    • Jheryl
    • Calculha
    • Doctor Fate
      • Kent Nelson
      • Inza Nelson
      • Eric and Lisa Strauss
    • Dove
      • Don Hall
      • Dawn Granger
    • Gray Man
    • Grey Man (formerly)
    • Shat-Ru
    • Ynar
    • Kilderkin
    • Unity
    • Andrew Bennett

    Lords of Order

    Powerful beings, they're directly responsible for upholding order within the universe and are known to empower beings to act on their stead or may even rise up to challenges towards order themselves. Some Lords of Order also have additional responsibilities:

    • Nabu
    • Amethyst
    • Phantom Stranger
    • Kismet
    • Arion
    • The Wizard
    • Terataya
    • Tuoni (Formerly)
    • Amon-Ra

    Balancers of Order and Chaos

    Some beings also represented a balancing force between the two though do not truly affiliate themselves with both order and chaos:

    • Tynan
    • Fate (Jared Stevens)
    • Doctor Fate (Hector Hall)

    The Lords of Order in the Last Age of Magic

    When Nabu was making plans for The Otherkind and the end of all magic, Nabu visited his fellow Lords and requested they join him by taking residence in Amulets of Power like his helmet. Nabu then forced these amulets on strong magic users for his fellow Lords to puppet as if they were their own bodies.


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