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Part of an alien species that can change shape and adapt power levels. Zano is the son of Ugarth, the former leader of the Xartans.


Written by Stan Lee and Larry Lieber and drawn by Al Hartley.

Major Story Arcs

Zano follows his father to Earth with some Xartans in hopes of conquering it. They run into Thor, however, and are thoroughly beaten. Ugarth is thrown into space and Zano and the rest of the Xartans are forced to turn into trees. As trees, however, they eventually revert to their original forms and regroup.

Ousted from the Xartan community for their incredible failure, Zano and the Xartans plan to take over Earth and use it as a base in their fight to be readmitted to their culture. This time they plan to steal essences of the Avengers and copy their form and power. This is accomplished and Zano leads his team down to Earth.

The Xartans bust through the wall of X-Factor's Ship in hopes that it will become a ship in their armada. Zano watches the battle from the shadows and learns the weaknesses of each member of X-Factor. He emerges as a hulking giant impervious to their powers. He emits a frequency that clouds the team's minds and the Xartan's begin winning the fight. For all the planning, however, Zano does not anticipate the young mutants coming in to help. Zano is easily bested by Leech, who sucks Zano's shape-shifting powers. Ship is then able to put the aliens in stasis - supposedly forever.

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