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Lord Voll was the leader of the elves of Blue Mountain and a full-blooded elf alien, unlike the mixed blood of Cutter and his Wolfriders. Voll was a well-meaning but unworldly lord and blind to Winnowill's treacherous madness.

More than anything, Lord Voll wants his progeny to prosper. Although Winnowill has captured and tortures Strongbow, Lord Voll releases him when he meets Suntop & Ember. The Gliders had not been able to reproduce, but meeting children assures Voll that elves may live on.

Winnowill, the inventor of the "dark send" cannot lie to Lord Voll, but can manipulate him through her charm nevertheless. Together, they oversee the community of near-high ones.

Inside of Lord Voll's community, is the much revered stone Egg, which was created by Egg. This is an endless source of renewal and mystery for all of the Gliders. To some extent, the Cave-Egg keeper of we consciousness is a poor substitute from Lord Voll's former dwellingplace: the Palace of the The High-Ones, which preserves in perfect Cosmic I AM consciousness the legacy of all 3-fingered friends.

Cutter's will and drive and influence inspire Lord Voll's remembrance for glory-times, so he agrees to immediately lift the Wolfriders to the Palace on giant hawks ElfQuest #15. Unfortunately, he is shot with an artillery-spear in the sternum, while he and Cutter flew towards the Palace. He passes away in a fervourous bliss, claiming to touch the palace as he expires.

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