Lord Pumpkin

    Character » Lord Pumpkin appears in 30 issues.

    A magical animated construct from the Godwheel. Created as a mad child's plaything, he rebelled, became a powerful wizard, and went to the Ultraverse seeking challenging foes.

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    Lord Pumpkin originated in one of the many realms existing within the Godwheel, a cosmic artifact of tremendous size. He was created by a wizard to serve as the playmate of a spoiled prince from a medieval kingdom. The prince, who enjoyed torturing animals and other disturbing pastimes, took great pleasure in tormenting his new toy, and frequently burned him and chopped him up with an axe.

    The creature finally rebelled, slew the prince, and overthrew the entire kingdom, declaring himself Lord Pumpkin. Hungry for new worlds to conquer, Lord Pumpkin set his sights on the the Earth of the Ultraverse where he felt the large number of superhumans dwelling there would provide an entertaining challenge.

    Other Media


    Ultraforce (1995)

    Lord Pumpkin appears in two episodes of the Ultraforce animated series, where he was defeated by Prototype and again by Prime when both heroes removed the candle in his mouth.


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