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Lord Peter Flint was a top British secret agent operating behind enemy lines in occupied Europe during World War II, using the codename Warlord.


Codename: Warlord was developed as the lead strip for the new Warlord comic being launched by DC Thomson. As well as his wartime adventures, Lord Peter Flint was depicted as being the nominal editor of the comic. The series lasted the entire twelve year run of the title.

Character Development

Lord Peter Flint was a top British spy during World War II, who posed as a conscientious objector to work behind enemy lines, even though it meant he was publically despised back in the U.K. His boss was codenamed Kingpin. Despite taking immense risks, Flint survived the war, and in the 1970s occasionally gave advice to his nephew, who had become a spy too, codenamed Fireball (the star of Warlord's sister comic, Bullet). Peter Flint's arch-foe was the Nazi Gruber, whose son, Reburg, grew up to become Fireball's nemesis.

Retro Active

In 2012, an aged Lord Flint formed the Retro Active superhero team, which appears in The Dandy.


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