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    The Time Lord's knowledge of futuristic science and mastery of time through his chrono-cube enable him to field an awesome array of deadly weapons against his opponents.

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    From the year AD 3786, the Lord of Time attacked the Justice League of America, using his miraculous chrono-cube to peel back the fourth-dimensional veil of time. Since his initial defeat, this fugitive from the future has learned to move laterally and diagonally through history, accessing armies and armaments spanning millions of years. He wants nothing less than to conquer space and time, and is quite capable of preventing the Justice League's origins by eliminating their ancestors in a bid to rule all reality.

    The time Lord used time travel to commit crimes in ages other than his own. In the 20th Century, he brought minions from the past and future to do his bidding for him by commiting crimes on his behalf. This brought the Justice League into battle with his minnions, but even as they did so, Felix Faust used his arcane sorcery to spirit them away.

    After defeating Faust, the JLA returned to track down the Lord of Time only to see im vanish in time. However, Superman noticed the setting on his wristwatch and so he was able to take his fellow JLAers to the year 3768 to capture the villain in his lair.

    Though delayed by three demons in the 21st century, the heroes finally returned the Lord of Time to the 20th Century to stand trial on Earth. Using his futuristic science, the Lord of time escaped and has battled the JLA on several subsequent occasions.

    Indeed it was the Lord of time who engineered what was to be the most crushing and total defeat of both the JLA and the JSA. In his timeless lair, he had constructed the Eternity Brain, a computer that could actually control time. With it, he planned to stop the flow of time temporarily for criminal purposes. Then he discovered that, once stopped, the time flow could never be started again, and the computer, once programmed, could not be halted.

    So he arranged to bring heroes from the past; Black Pirate, Enemy Ace, Jonah Hex, Viking Prince and Miss Liberty, and endow them with powers that would enable them to deal a crushing defeat to both the JLA and JSA at their annual reunion. Then he would lure the heroes to his own lair, hoping that their defeat would make them stronger - strong enough to overcome the Eternity Brain and save the entire time-space continuum. It worked, and although only the Elongated Man reached the brain, he was able to use his own plastic body to short-circuit it. Despite his capture, the Time Lord was for once happy that his original scheme had failed - and that his plan to stop it had succeeded.

    This may have led to his eventual reformation. He went to the far future and cloned a family of six sons and one daughter. When they grew to adulthood, the sons revolted against their father. With the aid of the 20th Century hero Steel, the Lord of Time regained his chrono-cube, which his sons had stolen, and went back in time to prevent their creation.

    Superman/Batman-Worlds' Finest

    At some point, the Lord of Time was apprehended in the 853rd Century and incarcerated on the asylum planet of Pluto. He managed to escape, incapacitating the Robin of that era, and drawing the attention of Kal Kent and The Batman of that era. He trapped the two in a time loop, then went back in time and encountered the original Superman, Batman and Robin. After trapping them inside an inescapable barrier, they got out and damaged his Anti-Hourglass, a device that allowed him to control his travels through time. He uncontrollably traveled through time, encountering such future heroes as Brane Taylor, Damien Wayne, and the Unknown Superman of the 46th century before landing in the 853rd Century and serving his sentence.

    Weapons/ Gear

    Chrono-cube in sundial permits the Lord of Time access to any time or place.

    • Temporal-adaptive armor assimilates weaponry from each era the Lord of Time visits.
    • His "Implicate field" is a 32nd-century quantum technology weapon.

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