Lord of the Hunt

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    Originally the priest of the Great Bear Clan, he became the Lord of the Wild Hunt, and terrorized the gods until he was supplanted by Tim Hunter.

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    The Lord of the Hunt was created by writer and artist Peter Gross in The Books of Magic issue 64, in 1999.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Lord of the Wild Hunt was originally known as Edu. He was the priest of the Great Bear Clan, and worshiped a fairy bear who would later be known as Julie the Dancing Bear.

    At an unknown time, he became the Lord of the Wild Hunt, whose job was to hunt and kill gods who were no longer relevant to the world. If someone put up a good fight, they could challenge one of the members of the Hunt. If they won, they could join the Hunt.

    He started long enough ago to know Akhenaten, an Egyptian pharaoh who lived in 1300 BCE.

    Eventually the Lords of the Compact—gods and major supernatural powers like Auberon--managed to banish the Hunt in another dimension, Bar Eqall. For two thousand years, the Hunt no longer Hunted the gods, but now no new gods were created, either.

    A magic storm created by Tim Hunter’s magic rolls over the realms, weakening the barriers between them, including Bar Eqall, Edu dons his traditional horned helmet and they return to the world.

    They find Hephaestus, who has been working in a car repair shop in Nova Scotia. He agrees to make them weapons and armor.

    They begin hunting gods, and kill Psyche. Her friend Cupid, however, joins the Hunt by defeating one of the Hunt in what was seemingly a contest of who had the larger penis.

    The Lords of the Compact try to get Tim Hunter’s Other, who set the Hunt free, to lock them up again, but fail.

    The Hunt next goes after Alpanu Lasas, a goddess in Hungary. Edu confronts her and says they will come after her at dawn. Running, she finds Auberon, who offers to help her. He makes himself look like her, and then joins the Hunt by defeating a member as well. They begin sleeping together.

    Lasas/Auberon now begins to manipulate Edu. Auberon chooses Tim Hunter as the next target of the Hunt. They track his trail to Accasbel’s Safe House. The Lords of the Compact have declared the Safe Houses to be free of violence, but the Hunt does not respect the Compact, and kills everyone there, destroying the house.

    Tim decides to confront the Hunt, and challenges Edu to a game of trivia. Auberon/Lasas asks the questions. Edu does well, and the game is tied 2 to 2. Tim wins on a question about King Arthur, who was alive when Edu was imprisoned.

    Edu is banished from the Hunt, and Tim gets his helmet.

    As he wanders, he runs into Rosehip the flitling. She asks him to write the names of the deceased Day family on some gravestones. He does, in Latin.

    Then Julie the Dancing Bear comes out. Edu recognizes her as his god. He should have hunted her with the Hunt, but didn’t because of what she meant to him. However, he was her only remaining believer, so she has been forced to dance for others and be abused for thousands of years. Now she will hunt him, and be free. He runs off, his fate unknown.

    Powers and Abilities

    When he was the Lord of the Hunt, Edu wore a helmet that, if fed with blood, enabled the wearer to have enhanced senses. As Tim, the next wearer of the helmet said, “I can see everything…and smell everything…I can taste the air…hear all of creation…and feel the world’s life on my skin…This is fantastic—I can see the wind!”

    Although the Master was never actually seen fighting on panel, he and his Hunt caused fear among all the beings of the realms, including the Lords of the Compact such as Zeus. They successfully killed everyone in Accasebel’s Safe House. They were said to have only been defeated once. It is unknown whether they were able to accomplish such feats due to extraordinary skill, an invulnerability to harm, or some other ability.


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