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    Intergalactic trader with a penchant for melodrama.

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    An Ultimate Ultimatum
    An Ultimate Ultimatum

    At first Manga Khan is at odds with the Justice League International, kidnapping Mister Miracle in order to open trade relations with Apokolips. Later, however, the space trader becomes an ally of sorts to the League, giving them his robot L-Ron, and keeping captive the criminal, Despero.


    Khan's Energy Form
    Khan's Energy Form

    A gaseous energy being, Manga Khan is unable to physically interact with anything. To this end, he wears a robotic suit which makes him nearly impervious to damage. To aid him in his business dealings, he has created a number of robotic servants, including Hein-9, K-Dikk, and most notably, L-Ron.

    Khan has a penchant for melodrama, often breaking into verbose, long winded soliloquies. He has even started a school to teach others how to speak as he does. Graduates include the Scarlet Skier and Mr. Nebula.

    Major Story Arcs

    Shop... Or Die

    Manga and the cluster have just finished taken the resources, for their Shopping Network, from an unnamed planet light years from Earth, but now L-Ron has convinced Manga to set his sights on our blue marble of a planet. Once the Cluster gets into earth's orbit and after Manga is able to have a long monologue to himself, he sends drone ships to the Australian Outback. Once the ships are in place he commands L-Ron to broadcast to the people of Earth the standard presentation, which is deal with the Cluster in 24 hours or they take everything. But upon hearing that the Earth people will never meet the deadline he orders the drone ships to start harvesting early.

    G'nort and South

    With the Cluster under attack by G'nort, Lord Manga has order that the harvesting begin, but G'nort has cause enough damage to threaten the profits. Then when Captain Atom, Martian Manhunter and Rocket Red, start using the Cluster's ship against him Lord Manga learns he and the Cluster are in the Red by .0005%. With this new information he calls for a retreat, saying "we will live to shop an other day."

    Where No League has Gone Before

    Lord Manga hires Lobo to take out the Justice League International team of Martian Manhunter, Rocket Red, Big Barda and G'Nort, that are fallowing him across the galaxy.

    If It's Tuesday, This Must Be--Apokolips

    Once on Apokolips, Manga meets with Virman Vundabar to discuss the trade of Mr. Miracle for Boom Tube technology. Virman commands that only Granny Goodness can make that deal and takes Manga to her. She seems like she will take that deal but then the Justice League international shows up, so instead she puts Manga in "House Arrest". Manga orders L-Ron to wait for him in the ship while she changes into his intangible form and escapes. While escaping he finds Mr. Miracle locked up and frees him but can't touch him in his form. He is later there when Darkseid, gives Mr. Miracle back to the JLI, but Darkseid will never deal with the Cluster or Manga again. He also cancels Lobo's contract but pays him his 10 year supply of Dolphin Mix, anyway.

    1990 World Tour

    For more information see: Justice League International Special #1.

    Lord Manga comes to Earth to collect Mr. Miracle again, but this time he comes with a legal document signed by Funky Flashman. He is able to take Mr. Miracle away and leave a robot version of Scott in his place.

    Justice League Europe: The Man Who Wears the Star

    After the JLE has beating Starro, Captain Atom calls Lord Manga, who now prefers to be call Khan, and makes a trade. Khan takes the frozen central Starro and in exchange he owes the League a favor to be named later.

    Formerly Known as the Justice League

    Lord Manga returns to Earth to retrieve L-Ron, but is saddened to learn the Justice League he knew and battled all those years were no more. The Justice League he knew were now calling themselves, The Superbuddies. This doesn't stop him from sending J-Lo, his servant cybernetic life form, down to Queens to met with Maxwell Lord and exchange G'Nort for L-Ron. Max refuses and Lord Manga comes to Queens in person to make the deal. There he tries to offer Max more and even offers to make Max fully human once again. Before they can come to a deal, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle accidentally knock over Lord Manga's robot army, this causes Lord Manga to call for intergalactic war. Before any action can be taken Sue Dibny quickly tells Lord Manga he has been captured, and is a Prisoner of War. Lord Manga, shocked by the turn of events is forced to call off the war and become a prisoner of the Superbuddies. Later, J-Lo is sent by the Cluster to negotiate Manga's release. It is later revealed the rest Lord Manga wanted L-Ron back was cause he was still in love with him. J-Lo offers to be L-Ron's replacement which Manga takes her up on.


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