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Captain Lord Henry Baltimore was once a commanding officer during World War I. However, after running afoul of an enemy ambush, his entire squad was killed, and Baltimore's left leg was severely wounded. Left for dead, Baltimore faded in unconsciousness until he was awakened some hours later by giant bats who were feeding off dead men. When one tried to feed off him, Baltimore slashed at it with his bayonet and struck it in the eye. The bat retaliated by further wounding Baltimore and infesting his leg with severe gangrene, leaving no choice but to amputate it when he was finally brought to a hospital. Afterwards, a wooden leg is fashioned for Baltimore to use.

Unbeknownst to him, Baltimore had attacked a powerful vampire known as Haigus, who was outraged over the scar that Baltimore left him on his right eye, leaving it forever blinded. As revenge, Haigus declared war on humanity, bringing a plague of vampirism down upon all of Europe and killing thousands.

Haunted by what he'd encountered on the battlefield, Baltimore was happy to return home, only to discover upon his arrival that his parents and sister had all succumbed to the plague. His wife, Elowen, had survived, but only so that Haigus was able to kill her as Baltimore was forced to watch. It was then that Lord Henry Baltimore became set on his mission to kill Haigus.

He now travels the world killing lesser vampires in hopes of finding Haigus and avenging his family.


Lord Henry Baltimore was created by Mike Mignola, who originally came up with the character for the 2007 illustrated novel Baltimore, or The Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire. Mignola came up with much of the novel's plot, although Christopher Golden penned the novel based on their joint efforts.

  • Later in 2010, Dark Horse Comics published a five issue limited series called Baltimore: The Plague Ships, which was illustrated by Ben Stenbeck.
  • In 2011, Baltimore: A Passing Stranger appeared as a new story in Dark Horse's comic for Free Comic Book Day.
  • In later 2011, a second five-issue limited series, Baltimore: The Curse Bells was published.
  • In 2012, a two issue series entitled Baltimore: Dr. Leskovar's Remedy will be released.

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