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On a stormy night, radio engineer Alan Scott heads to his day job at APEX Broadcasting. It turns out the level of transmission signal is low at APEX is experiencing some technical difficulties so Alan is called in by his best friend Charley. Charley says there is something sucking up all the power from the generator and its causing a massive static buildup. Charley goes up to investigate the roof of APEX with a security guard named Kevin. Unfortunately, they come attack by mechanized Nazi operatives. One of the Nazis named Steiner kills the two men with an electrical discharge then he establishes a connection between the tower antenna on APEX and Lord Dynamo's zeppelin. 
Lord Dynamo begins his own broadcast promising to advance the poor evolution of humanity's culture just as long as people acknowledge him as the benefactor of humanity's future. Alan Scott and Ted Knight converge on Dynamo's location. They destroy his broadcast and Steiner is forced to retreat with his Nazi comrades. However, Lord Dynamo unleashes a portion of his power on the two Justice Society members from the conductor of his blimp. Alan and Ted are weakened by the electrical discharge from the blimp. 
Dynamo takes advantage of this moment by attacking a power substation for sustenance. Another Nazi operative named Major Clive Burry activates Dynamo's mechanical drones because the Justice Society was not far behind. The drones take on the Justice Society as Lord Dynamo makes another quick escape after draining the electricity from a section of Gotham. The Justice Society were left beaten but not without gaining some insight as to who Lord Dynamo might be. Dr Mid-Nite and Alan Pratt manage to pick up Major Burry who was damaged during the fight at the sub station. It seems Lord Dynamo has been enhancing Nazi soldiers who were injured in battle with cybernetic limbs. 
Lord Dynamo begins to reach out to the people by demonstrating his humanitarian skills at the Metropolitan Cultural Museum. He offers the people the chance to cure polio, smallpox and the common cold. Lord Dynamo even displays a wide range of artwork like symphonies, paintings and statues in order to enrich society. However, Dynamo tells the people that he will share his benevolence with the world if the people can supply him with a stable and renewable source of power which will sustain him. After coming in contact with Ted Knight and Alan Scott, Dynamo feels that the power of Alan's ring as well as Ted's cosmic rod will suit his needs. Dynamo asks the people to capture the two Justice Society members and force them to relinquish their powers. 
The community of Opal City implores the two heroes to give up their powers but Johnny Thunder manages to convince the people that Lord Dynamo is a superficial benefactor to humanity. Lord Dynamo is willing to help the people if they metaphorically pay a price whereas the Justice Society will always help the people without asking for anything in return. The masses are convinced but Lord Dynamo unfortunately, heard Johnny's heart-felt speech. Lord Dynamo zaps the mayor of Opal City with a surge of electricity and kidnaps Thunderbolt, Johnny Thunder's genie then he makes another daring escape.  
The JSA get a spot of luck when Sandman manages to revive Major Burry. Burry explains that he was originally part of her majesty's British Army until Dynamo's drones picked him up. Burry was injured during a gunfight with Herr Steiner. Steiner and Burry were enhanced by Dynamo but Burry viewed his new lease on life as curse rather than a blessing. Burry got to know who Dynamo was and his true intention of obtaining godhood but he needs a steady supply of energy. Burry tells Sandman where Dynamo originally began which is somewhere in Eastern Europe then he asks Sandman to end his suffering. Sandman humbly accepts and dispenses a vapor which causes Burry to slowly drift away. 
The JSA sends Wildcat and Alan Pratt to Eastern Europe as per Burry's exact coordinates. Their reason for choosing these two heroes is because Hitler supposedly has the Spear of Destiny situated in Eastern Europe. The spear that pierced Christ has the capability of cancelling out the metahuman abilities of certain heroes. Wildcat and Alan Pratt destroy a few of Dynamo's robot drones who were programmed to guard Dynamo's original base of operations then the heroes discovered the human remains of Dynamo's experiments. Dynamo created his cybernetic foot soldiers at this castle-like facility in Eastern Europe then he made his way to the United States in order to find a renewable source of power. 
The two heroes report their findings to the JSA and Green Lantern suspects that Dynamo must be using the Spear of Destiny as a conduit for his electrical discharges which would explain JSA's constant losing streak with Dynamo's zeppelin. Suddenly, a radio broadcast from APEX relays breaking news about Dynamo's movements. According to the report, Dynamo is heading to Hoover Dam in order to drain the energy from the Southwest region of America. Dynamo figures with the immortal Thunderbolt at his command and a surge of power from the dam then he will finally be able to obtain his godhood. 
The JSA arrive at Hoover Dam and take on Dynamo's cybernetic foot soldiers and his robotic drones. Alan Scott manages to get Johnny Thunder into the generator room of Dynamo's zeppelin. Unfortunately, Herr Steiner was stationed in the generator room in order to make sure nothing disturbs Dynamo's absorption process. Steiner attacks Johnny but Johnny finds the power in himself to trip Steiner with a lead pipe. Steiner falls into the electrical transformer that kept Thunderbolt prisoner.  
Johnny and Thunderbolt are reunited once again. Thunderbolt unleashes the extent of his power and causes Dynamo's zeppelin to short circuit. Spectre puts an end to Dynamo by destroying sections of the zeppelin. The blimp crashes into Lake Mead and Dynamo's containment tube is dislodged from the zeppelin. As the containment tube sank into Lake Mead, Dynamo began to realize that even though his genius would have benefited mankind, he would still be viewed as a dictator because he demanded obedience without question and he was responsible for so many atrocities. Whether Dynamo survived this defeat by JSA remains to be seen.                         


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