Lord Deathstrike

    Character » Lord Deathstrike appears in 116 issues.

    Lord Deathstrike is a professional assassin hired by the Red Right Hand to kill Mystique.

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    Lord has several unique abilities at his disposal. He is also proficient with regular weapons, but also has several creatively designed pieces of high tech equipment: like remote control bullets, which with a touch of a button can either "Return", "Release Acid", "Explode", or act as a Homing Beacon. The mask he wears is bullet proof, but also serves to enhance his vision as well. His shoes are designed to allow him to run up the side of buildings, and can also phase completely through solid objects. The most impressive display of his abilities were shown to clients, who were confused about arriving in Argentina, when the person they wanted dead was in China half a world away. Calmly and without explanation Lord Deathstrike assembled a high caliber rifle and fired it into the ground -- where the bullet traveled through the entire Earth and came out of the ground in China where it directly shot the intended target.

    Major Story Arcs

    Wolverine Vs the X-men

    Lord Deathstrike is hired to kill Mystique. Though he failed Mystique is still killed but by Wolverine's claws.

    Back In Japan

    When Wilson Fisk learned that Azuma Goda was the one resonable for the Yakuza/ Hand war, instead of sending countless ninjas to kill Azuma he hired Lord Deathstrike. When Lord Deathstrike sees Azuma on his roof deck, he shots him in the forehead. Then when he checks for signs of life, Azuma springs to his feet. It turns out that it was Mystique and she had set Deathstike up. the two fight but when the fight falls off the roof they are approache by Sabretooth, in a jet pack.

    Sabretooth stops the fight, and explains that he is looking to hire Deathstrike, and seeing how Wolverine has just kill Azuma, Deathstrike is available. Then Sabretooth takes Lord Deathstrike, Mystique and the new Silver Samurai to a meeting of the head of the East Asian families. There the four kill the other leaders making Sabretooth the new head of the Asian crime families.

    One More Round

    Lord Deathstrike is seen arriving at Sabretooth's birthday party in Madripoor with Lady Deathstrike.

    Open Contract

    Lord Deathstrike was recently hired by Brad, vampire leader of the Mystikos Sect, in order to take down Raizo Kodo and the Forgiven. The X-Men's security recon team happened to be in the same location, on a scouting mission looking for Jubilee. Jubilee had been training with Raizo, in order to keep her vampire urge to feed on humans at bay and instead, drink from the blood of animals. Upon infiltrating the Forgiven's base, Lord Deathstrike took quick care of Storm, Psylocke, Inka, and Raizo Koda. Raizo had been impaled by a wooden stake, in which a splinter was stuck through his heart. Jubilee was left alone in defense of her fellow X-Men and Forgiven team members. Using a katana, she first fended off Lord Deathstrike's vicious assault, until she realized that the blade alone would not do the trick. Jubilee used her environment to her advantage, throwing furniture and even using her trenchcoat to temporarily blind Deathstrike. She intentionally lunged into his blade, making it impossible to decapitate her. Jubilee offered her opponent a violent headbutt, a series of super strong punches, and then latched onto Lord Deathstrike's neck, ready to feed. Just in the knick of time, Raizo and Storm reminded Jubilee that if she fed on Deathstrike, it would ruin the hard work she put forth in learning how to ignore her urge for human blood. She let him go, to which Deathstrike bowed to her and vanished in retreat.


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