Lord Dark Wind

    Character » Lord Dark Wind appears in 18 issues.

    A Kamikaze pilot who survived but was horribly scarred, Lord Dark Wind became obsessed with restoring his honor.

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    He is the inventor of the Adamantium bonding process, which was made famous by Wolverine and/or Sabretooth. The theory of the process was to add thick plating of Adamantium to every bone in the skeleton, making the bones unbreakable/indestructible. It was invented with the intention of creating Japanese super-soldiers, to reconquer the former Japanese empire.After Wolverine received the treatment, he was so confused and enraged that he went on a rampage, killing several people, including Lord Dark Wind. He is the father of Lady Deathstrike and his death is the reason behind her malevolence toward Wolverine.

    Powers and Abilities

    Lord Dark Wind is an adept hand-to-hand combatant, specializing in various forms of martial arts (although not to the scale of Wolverine or Lady Deathstrike). He is also an expert in Kenjutsu, the Japanese premiere swordfighting technique. He is also extremely intelligent, having made the Adamantium bonding process, and is most likely in peak human shape.


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