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    Dante is the Chapter Master of the Blood Angels, Lord of the Host and Bringer of Sanguinius' Light.

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    Dante is the oldest living Space Marine in service to the Imperium, barring Dreadnought Space Marines, who were incased in suspended animation. Its said he has been in service as a Chapter Master for 1,1000, and given how challenging his position is, its said he is even older than that if accounting the years it took for him to rise to that position. Dante has completely suppressed the Red Thirst - the cursed condition that plagued the Blood Angels chapter. He believes that he has lived far longer than he should. The only reason he keeps fighting is his faith in the Emperor, and his unwavering belief that one day, he will be the golden warrior of a prophecy that will stand between the Emperor and the darkness. Prophecies from the age of Sanguinius foretell a time when the Emperor will be in grave peril and depend on a golden warrior to defend him. Dante believes there is at least a chance this refers to him, so he will not let himself die until this has come to pass.

    He appeared during "Bloodquest", holding trial for Captain Leonatos and sentenced him to exile for loosing the Blade Encarmine. He appeared again in Part II to question the survivors of the quest that brought the sword back to Baal.

    Powers & Abilities

    Dante has the standard powers of Adeptus Astartes such as increased strength, physiology, speed and senses. As a Blood Angel, he is afflicted with the Red Thirst, which compels him to drink the blood of his enemies though Dante is one of the two Blood Angels who has suppressed it completely. As a Chapter Master, he is equipped with a Artificer Power Armor upgraded with jetpacks and golden in color. He also bears the Death Masque of Sanguinius ancient artefact resonates with the Primarch's rage at Horus' treachery, and can be used to call down a curse upon a foe that will severely weaken their morale and combat ability. Dante has never removed this golden death mask outside of the Blood Angels' fortress-monastery. He also wields a Power Axe forged from the days of the Horus Heresy to cut tanks apart and his Iron Halo creates a force field that deflects attacks from his armor, making it even harder to pierce.


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