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Bala was a god born of the light of the cosmos when all was perfection. He and his siblings reveled in creation. Bala, however, sought recognition for his greatness and after the creation of men, came to earth in the form of a man. His form, however, became twisted and deformed into a bat-being.

He and the few gods he persuaded to join him enslaved the human race, becoming known as the Dread Lord, and caused much destruction and mayhem until the Pure Gods learned of his treachery.

During the second century of man, the Pure Gods confronted Lord Bala but could not defeat him with all of the power gained from the worship of men. After the creation of the Devi entity, Lord Bala was defeated and blinded when she led an army of Durapasya to his fortress.

After his defeat, Lord Bala was imprisoned by Bodha, the king of the gods, in a firey prison deep within the earth for all eternity. Bala managed to escape, however, in a flurry of bats.

Now, in the present day, Lord Bala is a rich business man seeking a precious item of power and has contracted the murder of the woman that is to become the next Devi.


Shekhar Kapur


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