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    An Asgardian God and served Odin.

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    Lonkarr the Scout was an Asgardian God, already an adult when Thor and Loki were mischievous children. He was sent by Odin to exploration missions around the universe. Among others, he discovered the home world of the Dark Gods. He chose to visit their (unnamed) mortal worshipers first. He was horrified to learn that they were willing to sacrifice their own children in exchange for the smallest favor from one of their deities.

    Lonkarr was confronted by Tserron, a local goddess responding to his "invasion". They dueled for hours before the Asgardian managed to kill her. He was next confronted by Perrikus, her widower, and forced to retreat. He run back to Asgard, unaware that the Dark Gods were following his trail. A great war between the two races of Gods followed.


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