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    Longshot is an extra dimensional rebel warrior created through genetic engineering. He has amazingly good luck, as well as superhuman agility. Formerly a member of the X-Men and of X-Factor Investigations, he is currently operating on his own.

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    Genetically engineered
    Genetically engineered

    Longshot is a genetically engineered being, created by a race of beings known as "The Spineless Ones" in another dimension that they rule. Arize, a scientist, engineered a race of slaves with spines to serve the Spineless Ones. However, in the process of creating these slaves, Arize gave them free will, a willful spirit, and even provided powers for many of them.

    Longshot was forced to perform dangerous stunts for a Spineless One named Mojo, who filmed movies for his peoples entertainment. Longshot eventually started a rebellion, and led his fellow slaves against their masters, becoming a hero to his people. He used his amazing ability to create good luck when his motives were pure to aid his crusade. In recent issues of X-Factor it is revealed that Arize cloned a time displaced Shatterstar and modified, improved and extracted the mechanics of the clone, creating Longshot who is in fact Shatterstar's father. Thus Shatterstar is genetically the "father" of Longshot creating a predestination paradox.


    Longshot was created by writer Ann Nocenti and artist Art Adams in 1985. He made his first appearance in his own title Longshot #1.

    Major Story Arcs

    Longshot: Limited Series


    Due to their sheer numbers, the Spineless Ones were victorious in quelling the rebellion, and Mojo wiped Longshot's memory. Longshot managed to escape and fled to Earth, pursued by servants of Mojo, including the six-armed Spiral. On Earth, Longshot met and befriended stunt-woman Ricochet Rita, who aided him in trying to regain his memories, and even took him to Doctor Strange.

    Eventually, after his minions repeatedly failed to capture Longshot, Mojo himself came to Earth to reclaim his slave. Upon seeing the free humans of Earth, it became more important to Mojo to ensure Longshot never returned to tell the other slaves about Earth. Longshot defeated Mojo, and followed him back to Mojoworld with Rita in tow.

    With the X-Men

    Joining the X-Men
    Joining the X-Men

    He was eventually defeated, and once more Mojo wiped his memory, and sent him to Earth. There he was taken in by the X-Men, who believed he was a mutant like them.

    He wasn't with the team long before most of them left for Muir Island to recover from the events of Mutant Massacre. While there, he teamed with Dazzler, Psylocke, and Rogue to track down and stop Juggernaut who had nearly killed Dazzler earlier.

    During Fall of the Mutants, Longshot was among the X-Men who sacrificed their lives to help Forge banish Adversary. They were restored by Roma, but chose to let the world believe that they were dead. The X-Men ended up in Australia, where they defeated a gang of cyborg criminals known asThe Reavers. While exploring their new base, they found a huge stockpile of stolen goods.

    The spirits of the stolen items true owners cried out to Longshot, overwhelming him, due to his ability to read the recent memories of an object by touching it. With the help of Gateway, the team is able to set things right. He went on several more adventures as an X-Man as they fought the deadly aliens known as The Brood, and invaded Genosha, an island nation that enslaves mutants. In the midst of all the action, Longshot became romantically involved with his teammate Dazzler.

     Longshot's big love Dazzler
    Longshot's big love Dazzler

    While the X-Men were battling the Murauders in New York, they got swept up in Inferno. Demons from the dimension were invading Earth, and their presence was tainting the landscape and people. The X-Men, for the most part, were effected as well. After being bitten by N'As tirh, Longshot's luck went bad. He became childish and cocky, and his motives were no longer pure. Even after he began to recover, he was plagued with self-doubt. But during a final confrontation with Mr. Sinister and a Malice-posessed Polaris, he was able to help turn the tide and save the day. He leaves the team shortly after in an attempt to find himself and recover his memories.

    Going Home

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    After finally reclaiming his memories and decided to return to his home dimension, Dazzler went with him. After defeating Mojo, Longshot became the ruler of Mojoworld, and he and Dazzler eventually married. The two of them also became the official care takers of the X-Babies and Dazzler soon became pregnant.

    Much later, Dazzler returned to Earth, where she reported that she believed Longshot was dead, and where it appeared he had lost their child. Some speculation has it that Shatterstar may be that child, but this is unconfirmed. Much later, Longshot resurfaced while the dimension-hopping group the Exiles were being held prisoner by Mojo, and he aided them in escaping.

    Mojo wiped Longshot's mind, but upon making a deal with Heather Hudson of the Exiles, Longshot joined the team to hunt down Proteus, who was running rampant through the multiverse. After defeating Proteus, Longshot remains a member of the Exiles and aids them in their attempt to repair broken realities. In their last mission, Longshot was brainwashed by Madame Hydra and The Hand to attacked his teammates. After being in a battle against with an alternate version of Merlyn and fighting side by side with Excalibur, he joined Dazzler to be with her and resume their relationship.


    X-Factor: Nation X
    X-Factor: Nation X

    Longshot was eventually involved with X-Factor along side Darwin, during the Secret Invasion. However, it was revealed that the Longshot traveling with the young mutant was actually a Skrull named Nogor. After a confrontation with Jazinda and She-Hulk, Nogor was apprehended and taken into custody.

    The real Longshot came to join X-Factor after reading about his so called "appearance" during the Secret Invasion. While X-Factor was apprehensive to accept him at first, Longshot helped the team in locating Darwin, who had been apprehended by the Karma Project. After helping to guard a client of X-Factor Investigations, it is revealed that Longshot's luck powers make him very attractive to the opposite sex. He also reveals that he has suffered from memory loss after his time with the Exiles, and this is one of the main reasons he and Dazzler have not continued their relationship.

    X-Factor Investigations was visited by a former mutant named Lenore, she believed someone was trying to kill her. Longshot offered to be the one to protect her. Lenore became very attracted to Longshot, but he was able to keep her at bay. When her mother showed up possessed by the villain Cortex, Longshot kept Lenore safe. Cortex then was able to possess Monet and while Monet and Siryn were fighting, Longshot came across Cortex. Cortex tried to take control of Longshot but found it to be just as difficult as when he took control of Shatterstar, he then started to mention the connection between the two, but a dart of Longshot's that he previously threw his Cortex in the back.

    Shortly after this Madrox returned from the future. Once he did, X-Factor was hired by the children of Reed and Sue Richards. Longshot touched a hairclip of Sue's and he used his ability to see the recent past. While using this he found that Layla had also returned and she told Longshot where she was, and where X-Factor needed to go. Shortly after Layla reunited with the team, the team went to Utopia to speak with Cyclops, during this time Longshot and Dazzler were reunited, and in their short reunion time they slept together, even though Longshot's memory was still hazy.

    Hell on Earth War and leaving X-Factor

    Rahne's son, Tier, was revealed as the target in a long brewing conflict between the various Hell-Lords. Eventually, Mephisto ended up dominating Earth, with X-Factor as the only true resistance left. He seemingly killed Shatterstar and Rictor, but in fact sent them back through space in time, leading to Longshot's origin. After Guido killed Tier to become King of Hell and ended the War, Earth was restored. X-Factor, however, disbanded.

    Powers and Abilities

    An expert marksman
    An expert marksman

    Longshot is an artificial being, created through genetic engineering by Arize. As a result, Longshot possesses superhuman speed, agility, endurance, and reflexes with enhanced senses as well as advanced healing abilities. With his superhuman agility, hollow bones, and human like muscular structure, Longshot is an extraordinary acrobat.

    Arize also used mystical augmentation to give Longshot the ability to psionically affect probability fields that cause unlikely events to happen in Longshot's favor, thus giving him constant "good luck". This "good luck" power also works on a subconscious level, creating positive outcomes even when Longshot does not will them to happen. However, since Longshot's "luck" powers are tied to the positive aspects of his personality, so his "luck" will only hold out unless he attempts to use his abilities for selfish or evil purposes, or if he gives up hope. If this were to happen, Longshot's powers can either shut down or effectively backfire on him, giving him "bad luck".

    It should be noted that, while Longshot creates "good luck" for himself, his powers also create an equal and opposite effect somewhere else, causing "bad luck" to occur.

    Longshot also possesses psychometry, which allows him to psionically read the recent memories of a person or object by making physical contact. This power also allows him to glimpse the future of the objects he touches, enabling him to sense who will eventually handle the object and what that persons thoughts will be. His psionic abilities also cause him to be sensitive to the recently deceased, allowing him to "hear" the voices of their spirits.

    Longshot has shown some degree of supernatural attractiveness, which has been demonstrated amongst some of the female X-Men. It is eventually revealed that this hardwired into his DNA, and that most women tend to fall in love with him. However this can also affect some males as well, as was evident when a male detective fell in love with him in X-Factor.


    Longshot often uses cleaver-like blades which he stores in a bandoleer. Longshot can hurl these with an inhuman accuracy, although this is sometimes completely dependent upon his luck powers. However, Longshot has been shown to be proficient with a number of bladed weapons as well. During his time with the X-Men years, Longshot also carried a collapsible grappling hook and rope as well as a set of throwing spikes which produced net-like wires that he used to restrain his targets.

    Longshot is also adept at using jet packs and laser weapons, although this may be a result of his "luck" abilities as well.


    • Gender: Male
    • Height: 6' 2"
    • Weight: 80 lbs.
    • Eyes: Blue (left eye glows when one of his powers is active)
    • Hair: Blonde
    • Unusual Characteristics: Three fingers and a thumb on each hand, He also has leather-like skin, hollow bones, and two hearts (he has a star shaped scar on his left eye from being branded which is only visible when using his powers and his eye is glowing).


    • Known Relatives: Alison Blaire (Dazzler, estranged wife), Gaveedra-7 (Shatterstar, son and genetic "father")
    • Citizenship: Renegade slave of the Wildways with a criminal record
    • Identity: Publicly known in the Wildways, secret from the general populace of Earth
    • Place of Birth: Unidentified world in "Mojoverse" dimension
    • Marital Status: Separated
    • Occupation: Freedom fighter, former rebel leader, movie stuntman, slave
    • Education: Unrevealed

    Alternate Realities

    Earth-1610 Ultimates Universe

    Ultimate Longshot
    Ultimate Longshot

    It is said that the inhabitants of Mojoverse are unique and that they have no dimensional counterparts, however another Longshot exists on Earth-1610, the Ultimate universe. This Longshot is a human mutant named Arthur Centino possessing many of the same powers as the main Longshot.

    However, his personality is entirely different; he is a manipulative, anti-human bigot. After killing a Genoshan politician, Longshot was forced to participate in a reality show program in which he is hunted by other contestants. With the help of his ex-girlfriend, Spiral, the X-Men prove his guilt, but not before he escapes to the Savage Land. After being apprehended by the Scarlet Witch, Longshot is taken to the Triskelion building, although he soon escapes and becomes a dedicated member of Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy. He seems to have died due to the events of Ultimatum.

    Arthur Centino is homage to Longshot's creators Arthur Adams and Ann Nocenti.

    Earth-93600 Hulk Had Killed Wolverine

    Longshot was a member of the X-men assigned to fight Adversary. Without Wolverine's presence following his death, Longshot along with his team mates Dazzler and Madelyne Pryor had been killed by the Adversary.

    Masque's X-Men

    A doppelganger of Longshot was a member of Masque's X-Men. This group was consisted by monster versions of the X-Men resulting into a very different and monstrous look. Opposing to his original look, Longshot have spines that covers his body.

    Earth-9997 Earth X

    Longshot was a member of the X-Men before it disbandment. He then disappeared and the reasons for his disappearance remained unrevealed. Even those powerful beings who can detect others can't determine his whereabouts

    Earth-90210 Old Man Logan

    Longshot was one of the members of the X-Men Logan tricked into murdering a villain named Mysterio. Longshot was found dead.


    In this reality, Longshot is already aged and hides his personality by covering his appearance with a hood. He appears after The Spineless Ones had made peace with the slaves.

    Appearances in Other Media

    X-Men The Animated Series

    X-Men: TAS
    X-Men: TAS

    Longshot guest-starred in the "Mojovision" and "Longshot" episodes of X-Men: The Animated Series. Mojo, who attempted to use the X-Men in his show to make fun of them by giving them dangerous challenges. Longshot then realizes that it would be better to help the X-Men so he betrayed Mojo and freed the X-men. As the X-Men destroyed Mojo's studio, Longshot sent them back to Earth. In the series admitted that he had a previous relationship with Spiral although it did not went well. An amnesiac Longshot then went to Earth after rebelling against Mojo and for revenge, Mojo took Jubilee as the prize for a deadly competition. With their joined forces, they were able to defeat Mojo and rescue Jubilee. He was voiced by Rod Wilson.

    X-Men 2 : The Fall Of The Mutants

    Longshot is a playable character in this video game.


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Longshot was featured in ToyBiz's 90s Uncanny X-Men line.
    • Longshot was featured in ToyBiz's Marvel Legends line as part of the Mojo Build-a-Figure wave.
    • Longshot was featured in the HeroClix figure game.
    • Diamond Select produced a Longshot bust.
    • Longshot was featured in Diamond Select's Minimates line as part of a two-pack with Dazzler.
    • Longshot was featured in The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection from Eaglemoss Publications.
    • Bowen Designs produced a Longshot bust.
    • Longshot was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Universe line as part of an Uncanny X-Men box set, which also featured Rogue, Wolverine and the X-Baby version of Cyclops.

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