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He's New York City's Most Wanted Man -- and he has no clue why! After last issue's diamond heist, Longshot finds himself on the lam from the Amazing Spider-Man and She-Hulk!

The Fatboys runs into Longshot and they become friends. Longshot is wanted for robbing those diamonds last issue, and She-Hulk finds him accidently while running in Central Park. A fight begins between them.

In Mojoworld, Mojo discovers about a dimension where everyone looks just like his slaves and want to see it, while Spiral wants to go back and kill Longshot.

When Longshot escape from She-Hulk, he runs into Spider Man and a new battle begins.

Mojo and Spiral come to Earth and attack Rocochet Rita, Logshot's friend.

Lonshot touches a gun and senses everything about it, and then remembers some about his past as a slave in Mojoverse, and somethin about a rebelion and a escape. The fatboys tell Longshot they had seen a monster in a chapel. When inside, Lonshot is attacked by Mogog as an older and bigger monster.

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