Character » Loner appears in 61 issues.

    Former mercenary who has fought all over the universe and is totally fearless. Loner carries an antique six-shooter pistol which has been adapted to fire an assortment of ammunition.

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    Turbo Jones predicted the destruction of Earth by a vast meteor shower and set about building the spaceship Wildcat with the help of his three chosen 'second-in-command' - Loner, Kitten Magee and Joe Alien. With their help (and finance - Loner had won the multi-planet lottery the previous year and donated 20 million dollars to the project), the ship is built in three years and blasts off in to space, searching for a new home for the Earth orphans.

    Loner is a story from Wildcat comic that continued in Eagle, when the two comics merged. Loner's story restarted in Eagle issue 371 (replacing the first Turbo Jones story which had run in issues 368-370).

    Loner lasted longer than the other three Wildcat stories. The final story appeared in Eagle issue 422.


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