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Lone Sloane is the creation of the French artist Philippe Druillet. Lone Sloane first appear in 1966 in self published album by Druillet called the "Mystery of the abyss". The story was black aand white with some green added.

In 1969 Druillet published his first commercial Lone Sloane story in Pilote magazine in a short 8 pages story called "The throne of the black god." Druillet was invited to work in Pilote by Jean Giraud who hasnt yet become moebius: when Druillet shows him some pages at a comic convention.

The readers liked the first Sloane and Druillet was hired to do more Sloane stories. Druillet did more and it eventually became The 6 voyages of Lone SLoane. For the next story, Druillet teamed with Lob who write Delirious to him.

Lone Sloane was retired for a while while Druillet did other stories. But Druillet returned to Sloane in 1978 in GAIL that was published in the new Metal Hurlant magazine he and moebius co-founded together. Druillet self published the collected album but later sold it to Dargaud.

In 1980 Druillet began illustration Gustav Flaubert's Salammbo. Druillet dropped Sloane into the story, as Sloane tool over the role of Matho, the barbarians' leader. Druillet did 3 Salammbo albums: Salammbo, Carthage and Matho.

Druillet came back to Sloane in 2000 when he did CHAOS, literally resurrecting Sloane from death. Druillet again didnt do anything with Sloane for a decade finally doing a new Delirious album Delirious 2 in 2013.


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