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Lonar of the New Gods is known to one of the few to "live off the land". He is very inclined to nature. During the time when Apokolips and New Genesis where fused together, he had stated that he felt the Earth's pain as the Female Furies tried to burrow their way underground to invade New Genesis. The New God is mostly seen riding his battle horse, Thunderer.

Major Story Arcs

Road Trip

For more information see: Road Trip

Lonar finds himself on a planet full of deathtraps created by Devilance the Pursuer,with the purpose of trapping and killing New Gods. There Thunderer is horse napped and while on a quest to rescue him Lonar meets Brenda Del Vecchio. He rescues her from some on the planets inhabitants, who plan are sacrificing Brenda to there gods. Then Lonar is attacked by Blue Beetle who thinks Lonar kidnapped Brenda. The pair fight, and Blue Beetle defeats the New God, but instead of killing him spares his life. This twist amuses Metron, who also found his way to the planet.

After working out the misunderstanding Lonar and Blue Beetle attack The Citadel of Death, the structure that controls all the deathtraps and imprisons Thunderer. Together with the help of Brenda and Metron they destroy the Citadel. This battle makes Lonar and Blue Beetles friends, although the pair don't meet again until after the New 52 reboot

New 52

Lonar somehow ended up as part of The Hunted on the planet Tolerance in the Tenebrian Dominion. He forms an alliance with Blue Beetle.

Powers & Abilities

Like most from New Genesis, Lonar possesses great combat training, endurance, stamina and super strength. The exact measure isn't explained but in a battle with Blue Beetle (in Blue Beetle #11 - The Guns of Forever), Lonar was able to withstand most of Beetle's attacks and could hurt him to the point Beetle could "feel it through his suit". The baseline for Blue Beetle's strength is around 3 to 4 tons so for a being to be capable of hurting him, Lonar would most likely have to be stronger than Beetle.


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