Character » Loki appears in 2156 issues.

    Loki is the Jötunn/Asgardian God of Mischief and Prince of Lies, the adopted son of Odin and typically nemesis of his brother, Thor, as well as the adoptive brother to former Guardian of the Galaxy, Angela. Loki has schemed against Thor and Asgard for ages and his cosmic meddling led to the formation of the Avengers. Recently reincarnated, he decided to reform. Going on to protect the realms as the agent of Asgard, then as the sorcerer supreme, to defeating Laufey and becoming king of Jotunnheim.

    Loki respect thread

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    I had a couple pictures I thought I would add to the Loki respect thread, but I guess there isn't one, so I'll start it with my meager offerings, and hopefully others can add more!

    Uses magic to survive headless
    Uses magic to survive headless
    Loki prepares to fight the Disir
    Loki prepares to fight the Disir
    Loki singlehandedly defeats the Disir in hand to hand combat.
    Loki singlehandedly defeats the Disir in hand to hand combat.

    Two nice feats in different arenas, one of him surviving being beheaded through the use of magic, the other of him singlehandedly beating the dreaded Disir, showing off his physical combat skills.

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    movie Loki
    movie Loki
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    Nice idea for a thread.

    "Act of Vengeance" story line has a good showing of him.

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    @Owie: Here is a lot ripped from KMC (Credits to kmc )


    The Immortal Hercules describes Thor's greatest foes to Masterson Thor and leaves as the "last and greatest of Thor' foes," none other than Loki himself, from Thor Annual #17:

    Dr. Doom concedes that Loki remains "beyond his understanding," from Thor #606:

    Befitting his stature and reputation, Loki is both greatly despised and feared. These are just a few examples of the respect he gets from other characters. Here, Dr. Strange describes Loki as an "inconceivable" foe, from Dr. Strange #56:

    The Egyptian God of Death, Seth, would normally be given pause when considering Loki's threats, from Thor #397:

    Odin has apparently compared the Dread Dormammu to Loki. And Dormammu states that Loki's powers of evil nearly equal his own, from Avengers#115:

    Mephisto himself considers Loki as being "almost his equal in sheer, base villainy." This compliment is not an isolated incident. For Mephisto both admires Loki and considers him a fellow master at villainous games, from Thor #181, 430 and Siege: Loki #1:


    Loki's true strengths lie in his magic. But that does not mean he lacks physical strength. Here, he smashes boulders with his fists, from Avengers#300:

    Loki smashes a building with a single blow, from Thor #147:

    Loki can, and has, railed Masterson Thor with his pimp-hand, from Thor #441:

    Here, Loki casually tears apart a steel door, from Dark Reign: The Cabal #1:



    Loki is not known for godly durability, but he does indeed have it. A blow that "would have shattered a small mountain" only dazes Loki, fromJourney Into Mystery #108:

    Thor encloses Loki within a million tons of Earth from which Loki obviously survives in West Coast Avengers #55:

    Here, Masterson Thor gives Loki a straight shot to the chin with Stormbreaker. Loki shakes it off immediately to use his sorcery and ensnare Masterson Thor, from Thor #441:

    A barrage of blows from Spider-Man is literally beneath Loki's notice, from Amazing Spider-Man vol.2 #61:

    Loki takes a shot from Iron Man to the chin and immediately knocks him aside, from Thor vol.2 #81:

    Loki weathers a barrage of blows from Thor himself with a snarl, from Thor vol.2 #81:


    The Norn Queen, Karnilla, the premier sorceress in Asgard, ambushes Loki with a mystical attack and Loki proceeds to weather and counter her attack, from Thor #266:

    Surtur, the Fire Demon, strikes Loki with the fiery energy of Muspelheim, focused by the Twilight Sword and survives, from Thor #353:

    Mandarin's energy blasts are completely beneath Loki's notice, from Avengers Annual #19:

    Apocalypse lures Loki into a Celestial machine from which he promptly escapes, from X-Factor #50:

    Lord Pumpkin, a formidable sorcerer from the Ultraverse, attacks Loki with his Candle of Power and the Roc's Egg, and Loki's only response is "pathetic," from Necromanta/Lord Pumpkin #1:


    Surtur swipes both Loki and Odin with the Twilight Sword itself and they both immediately recover to continue their assault on him, from Thor#353:

    The mutant, Rogue, has drained the abilities or Thor, but Loki completely no-sells her absorption powers, from X-Men/Alpha Flight #2:

    During the Acts of Vengeance, Red Skull is mystified by this mysterious stranger who gathers the Earth's mightiest supervillains. He attempts to usurp Loki's control over the villains by using the Controller's discs which were upgraded by Thanos. Loki is simply amused by Red Skull's treachery, from Captain America #366:

    The Enchantress' magical wiles are also utterly ineffective against Loki, from Thor: Son of Asgard #7:

    Morwen assaults Loki with a barrage of spikes and he has enough time to lecture Spider-Man about proper honorifics, from Amazing Spider-Manvol.2 #62:

    Dr. Doom's poisons have no effect on Loki as he is immune, from Dark Reign: The Cabal #1:

    And Dr. Doom's incinerating chamber is similarly unavailing, from Dark Reign: The Cabal #1:

    In his guise as the Scarlet Witch, Loki weathers Vision's phasing attack right through his chest, from Mighty Avengers #29:

    Loki's speed has rarely been measured. When it has, his godly speed has been compared to the speed of thought, from Journey Into Mystery #85 and 88 respectively:

    His reflexes and speed at spell-casting have also been stated to measured at the speed of thought, from Avengers #1:

    How fast is the "speed of thought"? This scene gives a clue. Here, Loki is tricked into racing an opponent on foot. After losing, his opponent is revealed to be Loki's own thoughts, "which fly at a speed beyond all reckoning. Not lightning itself can outstrip the power of thought." From Thor#272:

    His agility has permitted him to grab hold of a speeding Silver Surfer, from Silver Surfer #4:

    Loki's godly speed has permitted him to dodge Mjolnir from time to time. From Journey Into Mystery #88 and 108 respectively:

    However, when Mjolnir is thrown at the speed of light, Loki has been humbled, from Thor #274:

    The speed of Loki's perception is also great and has permitted him to seize upon radio waves, which travel at the speed of light, and redirect them before reaching their intended destination, from Avengers #1:

    In terms of traveling by flight, he can traverse the terrain of Asgard's many realms swiftly, from Thor #318:

    He has sped around the Earth, from Silver Surfer #4:

    Loki can maneuver around foes at great speeds while flying, from Thor #353:

    Here, he speeds about Thor and deftly avoids his blows, from Thor: First Thunder #2:


    Loki is. in fact, an evil genius. He has a bevy of plot device machines he's invented. This s the Macro Meson Cannon, which transmutes the helium molecules that make up the Absorbing Man and restores him in Journey Into Mystery #120:

    Loki's Cosmic Transmuter imbues an ordinary housewife with an enchantment that will turn Thor into a frog in Thor #363:

    Loki uses a Transluscent Spheroid Projector to entrap and teleport Iceman to Asgard in Thor #377. Later on, Thor uses it to transport his magical armor from Earth in Thor #378:

    Loki entraps Iceman in a Cold Condenser which amplifies his power to absolute zero temperatures and projects it anywhere in Thor #377:

    Loki invents a Psychic Beacon which emits an incredibly powerful psychic signal that compels the Wrecker to its location. Dr. Strange, Spider-Man and Quasar sense it too. Even Phoenix has "never felt anything like this before," from Thor #427:


    Loki has honed his combat skills during millennia of fighting in defense of, and against, Asgard. His swordsmanship is rarely displayed. Here, he fends off and disarms the Lady Sif, from Thor #153:

    When surrounded by the Disir, it proves true enough to conquer them all single-handedly. The Disir's own swordsmanship was displayed in front of Mephisto when one of them deftly fells one of his finest demons, from Siege: Loki #1:

    Loki is first and foremost a sorcerer. And his magical power exceeds that of other Asgardian sorcerers. Even Karnilla, the Queen of the Norns, acknowledges this fact in Journey Into Mystery #107:

    Despite being in astral form which reduces the amount of magical power to only a fraction, Loki's great power still exceeds that of the then-Master of the Mystic Arts, Dr. Strange, from Strange Tales #123:

    When confronting his full magical power, unreduced by manifesting in astral form, Dr. Strange exclaims that it is "the most powerful, the most awesome [he had] ever encountered." From Journey Into Mystery #108:

    Silver Surfer declares that Loki's power "can decimate a planet!!" From Silver Surfer #4:

    This is no mere boast as Loki literally permits Surfer to traverse past Galactus' barrier in Silver Surfer #4:

    As mentioned earlier, the Dread Dormammu admits that Loki possesses evil powers nearly equal to his own, from Avengers #115:

    When Loki wrestles with Dormammu at the climax of the Avengers/Defenders War, the Evil Eye absorbs and blasts out Dormammu's power into Loki. Loki is driven insane by the ordeal, from Avengers #118 and 119:

    Except it was all a ruse. Loki had replaced his seemingly catatonic form with that of a child, who had remained behind for months in Loki's place. Loki absorbed all of Dormammu's power and studied the extent of his powers during that time, as revealed in Thor #232:

    After both Odin and Thor are laid low, Loki tackles Surtur the Fire Demon on his own and holds him off for precious minutes while his family recovers, from Thor #353:

    While ultimately unsuccessful, Loki's astral form can, and has, clashed with Odin's, "simultaneously on every conceivable astral and metaphysical plane," from Thor #455:

    During his journeys through the Ultraverse (canon), Loki confronts the Nightman, who is capable of sensing evil. Among all that the Nightman has ever encountered, he has never sensed anything greater than Loki's, from Night Man #22:

    The immortal Rex Mundi, one of the most significant Ultraverse characters, attempts to measure Loki's power and finds that Loki is "off the Ultra scale," from Hardcase #26:

    Despite being ambushed by binding spells, Loki's magic initially proves superior to Seth's, despite Seth drawing upon his entire dimension for additional power, from Journey Into Mystery #511:

    Even Loki's own daughter, Morwen, fails to match Loki's magical power in Amazing Spider-Man vol.2 #62:

    The Scarlet Witch's power proves no match for Loki's astral form either, from Domination Factor #8:

    Modred the Mystic, servant of the Elder God, Chthon, senses Loki's powerful astral form but Loki remains hidden to oppose their machinations. And Loki is capable of this despite all of Asgard being banished by the Chaos Cascade, from Mighty Avengers #21 and 23 respectively:

    Again, it bears repeating that when fully manifesting physically, Loki's magical power increases from the fraction it is when in astral form, fromAvengers: The Origin #3:

    Here, Apocalypse's Celestial draining machines fail to contain Loki. Calibak remains in genuine awe of Loki's power and worries that Loki may follow through on his threats of death. Apocalypse does not dispel those concerns or mitigates the threat that Loki presents, from X-Factor #50:

    Loki's power is so great that he has also managed to trap and contain Mistress Death herself against her will, from Deadpool #34:


    Loki's magical power is also made evident by the force he can bring to bear offensively. Here, Loki's astral form nearly destroys the protective mystic shield conjured by Dr. Strange's Amulet of Agamotto with his mystic blasts in Strange Tales #123:

    A single blast from his true physical form results in "grueling strain" on Dr. Strange's part in Journey Into Mystery #108:

    Loki has felled Balder with a single mystic bolt channeled through his sword in Thor #189:

    Here, he fells two Frost Giants amped by the cold emitted by Iceman in Thor #378:

    On a lesser scale, but with truly casual ease, Loki fires multi-directional bolts from a single finger, which fell an entire group of X-Men instantly, including Magik and Colossus (historically resistant to magicks), from Uncanny X-Men Annual #9:

    Loki has fired a magical arrow at Warlock, a Technarch, powerful enough to completely scrambled him to near death in New Mutants Special Edition#1:

    On a more impressive scale, Loki blasts the entire Thor Corps off their feet in Thor #441:

    Loki follows up by rendering both Beta Ray Bill and Masterson Thor completely senseless with channeled mystical blasts in Thor #441:

    Loki can emit omnidirectional blasts that stagger even an amped Seth in Journey Into Mystery #513:


    Loki can create force-fields to surround objects, including Mjolnir. From Journey Into Mystery #88:

    Here, Thor with the power of Loki, uses a force-field bubble to transport Loki away in Thor #181:

    Loki's used force-fields to protect a wounded Thor from Grendel in Thor #377:

    Loki's force-fields have protected him from the Disir's wrath in pitched battle, from Siege: Loki #1:


    The magnitude of Loki's magical power can also be measured by the villains he has personally created and the power he has bestowed upon both heroes and villains. He has granted them godly abilities, amplified pre-existing abilities exponentially, provided them life and created villains entirely from scratch with his magic.


    Loki's sorcery concocted a potion which imbued Crusher Creel with the ability to absorb anything, from Journey Into Mystery #114:

    Because he created him, Loki has complete and utter control over that power, from Journey Into Mystery #122:

    Loki can also influence the Absorbing Man in more subtle ways as shown in Mighty Avengers #32:

    Here, Loki grants him the new ability to fly with his ball and chain, from Quasar #5:


    Deadpool Thorpool?! Yes. One of Loki's more diabolical humorous schemes involved him siccing Deadpool on Thor and tricking Thor into believing Wade usurped his power, from Deadpool #37:

    The fake Mjolnir still granted Deadpool the power to tackle Thor head-on... well... with results that you would expect of Deadpool anyway. Also from Deadpool #37:


    Loki literally gave life to Durok the Demolisher, one of the most dangerous of Thor's foes. Despite what the first scene of his creation suggests, it is not by the power of the Odinring which grants Durok life but Loki's own power. Odin himself reveals that the Odinring does not grant any power unto its wearer, it only drains it, from Thor #191 and 194 respectively:

    Durok's power would prove capable of bringing Thor to the brink of death and rending Surfer's board apart with bare hands. From Thor #192-93:


    Not the one you might recognize. Sylvie Lushton was introduced during Dark Reign as part of a team of misfit Young Avengers. Her power astounds Wiccan, "She's... she's... she is really powerful. I mean... she doesn't get how powerful." She was created entirely by Loki's magic. From Dark Reign: Young Avengers #2 and 5 respectively:

    Her magicks are capable of transforming H.Y.D.R.A. minions into toads ala Sersi in Dark Reign: Young Avengers #3:

    Here, after Coat of Arms and Wiccan bind him, Enchantress banishes Sentry ala Morgana le Fay in Dark Reign: Young Avengers #5:


    The earliest example of Loki empowering someone is Sandu, a low level mutant, whose power Loki amplifies a "thousand times." Before, Sandu was merely capable of figuring out what lay in people's pockets. Afterwards, he is capable of forcing Thor to his knees, levitate and teleport entire buildings, and use world-wide telepathy which Professor Xavier describes as "unfathomable." Originally presented in Journey Into Mystery #91 and re-presented in Thor: First Thunder #3:


    Bereft of her powers, Loki seduces Storm with the promise of granting her powers back. This he does by fashioning and empowering an uru hammer dubbed, Stormcaster. The power she receives is that of a god's and ultimately Loki's to control. From Uncanny X-Men Annual #9:

    In a return appearance, Stormcaster re-empowers her to challenge Thor himself. From X-Men: Serve and Protect #3:


    Loki doubles the power of both Mr. Hyde and Cobra with his magic, from Journey Into Mystery #110:

    Loki morphs an innocent human into a replica of the Man-Beast. Thor recognizes his uniquely advanced martial arts and power and that "there shall be no quarter!" Only after connecting with blows that "would shatter a mountain," does Thor realize he has been fighting an elderly mortal who perishes, from Thor #375:

    Later, Thor encounters the Wrecker, or a reasonable facsimile fashioned from another poor mortal, who "battles with the same fury." Eventually, Thor would face the Absorbing Man, who is not fake. The Man-Beast and Wrecker replicas were conjured to push Thor into holding back his powers for fear of killing another innocent. From Thor #375:

    Loki amps Ulik's strength (and size) to take on Thor. From Thor #414:

    Sacrificing his own blood on an enchanted dagger to possess Loki's power, the human, Knut Caine, would go on to battle a team of Avengers, which can be seen in the Loki's Fights section of this thread or in Tales To Astonish vol.2 #1:


    Loki's sorcery grants him a host of personal powers which make him one of the most dangerous and versatile villains in comics. The following are some of Loki's signature powers.


    Despite being used seldomly, one of Loki's most enduring signature powers is the ability to create copies of himself in battle. These copies were not illusions but actual physical copies. He first uses them in Avengers #1:

    In one of Loki's most epic battles, Loki uses these copies to stall Surtur, the Fire Demon, himself in Thor #353:

    The number of copies he can create is illustrated here in a re-presentation of one of his fights against Thor in Avengers: The Origin #3:


    The God of Lies using illusions is pretty much axiomatic. Here, he uses an illusion of Thor on a hypnotized Thor himself in Journey Into Mystery#85:

    He uses a simple illusion of the Hulk on Thor again to draw him away from the rest of the Avengers in Avengers #1:

    Loki's illusions can be gigantic as he fools Surtur with an illusion of the Eternal Flame in Thor #353:

    He's used them in the heat of battle to maneuver Beta Ray Bill into the position Loki wants him in Thor #441:

    Loki's illusions are not static either. He can make the most unfortunate Thunderstrike look like Xemnu to She-Hulks eyes throughout a fight inThunderstrike #21:

    Loki's illusions are so adept they have even fooled and manipulated the wise Odin who does not discern their sinister origins, from Thor vol.3 #12:


    Loki's subterfuge is also served well by his magical ability to render himself completely invisible and undetectable through the use of Norn spells. Obviously, mere humans cannot detect Loki in Thor #153:

    Balder, Thor and Sif cannot detect his invisible form while walking right past him in Thor: Son of Asgard #3:

    Loki has supreme control over his invisibility such that he can pick and choose who can see and who cannot see him, from Godstorm #1:

    His shroud of invisibility keeps him invisible from even Mephisto in his own realm (although he otherwise senses a stranger's presence) in Thor vol.2 #19:


    The versatility by which Loki can phase makes him one of the more superior phasing characters in comics. Loki can dimensionally phase as he saves his enchanted sword from shattering by Mjolnir in Journey Into Mystery #115:

    Here, Loki effects a molecular phase to save Thor from the Destroyer in Journey Into Mystery #119. Note also the vast range he possesses as Loki's all the way in Asgard and Thor's on Earth:

    Loki can instantly phase his own body to avoid being struck by a thrown Mjolnir, from Thor #191:

    His ability to phase appears to be as effortless as it is instantaneous as he comfortably phases between panels in Thor #397:

    Loki's phased state does not prevent him from casting spells either while remaining in a phased state as he contemplates here in Thor #397 and actually does so in Thor #398 where he magically gifts half his strength to Thor and teleports away:

    A horde of Doombot's miniature energy sappers do not present even a nuisance to a phased Loki in Siege: The Cabal #1:

    Loki can phase others along with himself, from Siege #1:



    Loki's shape-shifting abilities are, pardon the pun, godly. Here, he shape-shifts into a snake that escapes even Heimdall's notice in Journey Into Mystery #88:

    Loki prefers to shape-shift into all sorts of animals. He's transformed into a pigeon, a rat, a raven, a sting ray, a fish, etc. From Journey Into Mystery #88, Thor #274, Thor Annual #11 and Loki #4 respectively:

    It isn't just critters that Loki can transform into but also great winged dragons, from Marvel Fanfare #37:

    He can also shift from an animal form directly into tiny insect forms such as a moth, from Thor Annual #11:

    He's also become a bee in Journey Into Mystery #108:

    He can shape-shift from insect form directly into a simulcrum of Thor, from Thor Annual #5:

    His Thor disguise is so effective it fools the Lady Sif in Thor #338:

    Loki can still cast spells in his shape-shifted form. Here, as a fly, Loki casts a spell of silence, from Thor #365:

    He's also fooled many Asgardians with his shape-shifting like the Vizier in Thor vol.2 #16:

    He's fooled even Odin himself with his disguises, from Thor Annual #14:

    And as you might suspect, keen mutant senses like Wolverine's are useless for detecting Loki's disguise in Wolverine: Wendigo #1:

    Obviously, Loki's shape-shifting serves him well for purposes of subterfuge. However, Loki can and has challenged foes physically in battles with his shape-shifting, as he does here with Thor himself in a dizzying (and brutal) array of shape-shifting in Loki #4:


    As a descendant of Frost Giants, it makes sense that Loki can grow to greater sizes to combat his foes, as he does here against the poor Lady Sif in Thor #191:

    Loki can achieve literally gigantic proportions as in X-Men/Alpha Flight #2:

    Loki's powers also permit him to shrink his body to nothingness, a ploy which Thor (trapped in Loki's body) uses to expose his soul in Thor #181:

    Loki can even shrink others with his magic as he does with, ironically, a Frost Giant, in Thor #308:


    Loki's ability to perceive events from afar is nearly unparalleled. Even imprisoned on Asgard, he can concentrate and spy on his hated stepbrother on Earth, from Journey Into Mystery #92:

    Loki does not require a personal connection to his target either. Simply by willing it, he can track targets he has never met... even when they manifest in disguised forms, as with Ghost Rider in the form of Danny Ketch, from Thor #430:

    Loki doesn't even need to concentrate on a specific target. From the Isle of Silence, Loki can scan the entire planet and have significant figures come into view, from Avengers #300 and re-presented in Avengers: The Origin #1:

    In another instance of wide-range scanning, Loki comes across a convenient pawn, the Absorbing Man, from Mighty Avengers #32:

    On an even greater macro scale, Loki can scan an entire universe for significant events that reveal themselves, like when he was trapped in the Ultraverse and discovers that the Infinity Gems have arrived, from Hardcase #23:

    His point of view can also be scaled down to a more intimate third-person view. Here, he focuses on Rick Jones, from Avengers: The Origin #1:

    Loki can further scale his vision down to the micro-scale and perceive objects as tiny as DNA, from Thor: First Thunder #3:

    Loki's clairvoyance extends to the temporal. Simply by concentrating, he can see a target's past as he does with Silver Surfer, from Silver Surfer#4:

    Loki doesn't even require a living target for such temporal visions. Here, Loki draws forth visions of past events that occurred within a room from one of the room's walls, from Thor #379:

    Loki can share his visions with others as well. Here, he uses a Crystal of Vision to ensorcel a lake, from Thor #375:

    Loki does not require magical items though as he ensorcels a pond to show Thor a number of events, from Domination Factor #6:

    He can also reveal visions while in astral form, from Thor #382:


    Physical boundaries are meaningless to Loki as he has the magical ability to teleport. "Faster than the brain can comprehend," Loki can teleport the Absorbing Man to and from desolate places, from Journey Into Mystery #122:

    A handy maneuver, Loki can even switch his own location with another's instantly, from Thor: God-Sized #1:

    Loki can also pull multiple people from multiple locations simultaneously, from Mighty Avengers #21:

    Loki's physical presence is not required as Loki's astral form can banish the cosmically powered Silver Surfer (no stranger to spatial powers himself) back to Earth, from Silver Surfer #4:

    In fact, his astral form does not even need to be present. Even from afar, Loki can pull the Hulk from Earth and place him in Asgard, from Tales To Astonish #101:

    The range of his teleportation is apparently limitless. He can easily send the Human Torch to Jotunheim in Thor: First Thunder #5:

    Here Loki sends the Wrecker to another dimension in Thor #431:

    Here, he teleports Jane Foster back from Limbo to the field of battle, from Journey Into Mystery #108 and re-presented in Avengers #107:

    Here he summons an enchanted axe from Limbo, from Thor #275:

    He can even teleport to the Nexus of Realities (disguised as Dr. Strange), from Domination Factor #5:

    Loki's specific methods for teleportation are varied. He can gesture with his hands and send the X-Men away in a flash, from Uncanny X-Men Annual #9:

    He can zap his targets with spells from his hands (as can his astral form), from Thor #176 and 191 respectively:

    Loki can create a doorway to pass through as in Thor #375 and as in Siege: Loki #1:

    Loki can also simply will teleportation, as he does here in a flash away from the Red Skull in Thor Annual #5, and as he does here in a wisp of smoke away from Seth in Thor #397:

    Loki's ability to teleport others simply by willing it is demonstrated here when he frees Juggernaut in Thor #411 and teleports Dr. Doom away from Thor's wrath in Thor #606:

    Loki can also teleport to destinations while keeping completely cloaked, from Godstorm #1 and Avengers: The Origin #2 respectively:

    Those he teleport with him can also be kept cloaked and protected upon arrival, from Siege #1:


    Loki has even surpassed the boundaries of the temporal. The first time Loki time-traveled was when Zarrko, the Tomorrow Man, pulls him into his relative future to battle the Thor Corps. At the climax of the battle, Loki is stranded in the time stream but is able to travel back in time to his proper past, as revealed in Thor #454:

    Domination Factor, an entire 8-part miniseries starring the Avengers and the Fantastic Four from 2000, revolved around the heroes and Loki gallivanting throughout time. Towards the beginning of the story, Loki (disguised as Dr. Strange) first demonstrates the ability to remain immune to a time freeze caused by the splitting of Knorda's Apple. Not only that, he protects the heroes as well from the time-freeze as shown in Domination Factor #1-2:

    The time-freeze is literally world-wide, yet Loki's temporal spells can cancel that effect out over an entire area, here, Praxis headquarters in the Swiss Alps, from Domination Factor #6:

    Loki would eventually draw upon the chronal energies within the Harbingers of Everlasting Winter to send the heroes' astral forms back into the past, fooled into retrieving the time-lost pieces of Knorda's Apple in the past in Domination Factor #2 and as recounted in Domination Factor #8:

    Loki's control over the chronal energies permitted him to ensorcel the heroes' astral forms such that upon contact with a piece of Knorda's Apple, they would automatically be brought back to the Nexus of Realities, in Domination Factor #5:

    As most time-travel stories will do, the altered time-stream is eventually set aright by the end of the story. Yet, unlike all the heroes who can recall only vague feelings of deja vu, Loki retains his full memories of the entire ordeal. Indeed, it is revealed that he was aware of the entire time paradox from the beginning (though how that is, is never quite fully explained), from Domination Factor #8:

    His ability to effect time-travel and somehow be aware of a time paradox from the beginning is again demonstrated when Hela helped him time-travel where he manipulated events in his own past as revealed in Thor vol.3 #12:

    Finally, similar to what he did with the Harbingers of of Everlasting Winter, Loki's used the powers of the enchanted Sverosorg, the Sorrowsword to draw forth the present versions of heroes into the relative past, from I Am An Avenger #1-4:


    Loki's magic permits him to manipulate energy. In Avengers #1, he diverts radio waves (and their wavelength) directly to Donald Blake:

    Loki also famously converted his entire physical form into a dangerously radioactive energy at the end of Avengers #1. As retold in Avengers: The Origin #3, Iron Man's sensors can't even identify what energy he's become:

    Thor stuck in Loki's form used Loki's magicks to drain and divert electricity to stun Balder, from Thor #179:

    Loki's even gone so far as channel the dark energies of a dimension in Avengers #400:

    Even from afar, Loki can completely drain the power from Project Pegasus to allow the Absorbing Man to escape in Mighty Avengers #32:

    Here, Loki effectively reverses the polarity of Susan Storm's invisible force-fields, from Thor: First Thunder #5:


    Revamped Dr. Doom Respect ThreadRevamped Thor Respect Thread
    Revamped Loki Respect Thread


    Utilizing his sorcery, Loki is actually one of the more superior matter manipulators amongst Marvel villains (or heroes).


    He can animate trees to do his bidding and attack Thor, from Journey Into Mystery #92 and in Domination Factor #4:

    He animates trees again to attack the Avengers in West Coast Avengers #55:

    He's brought the Sphinx, the Empire State Building and statues to life in Journey Into Mystery #94:

    Loki animates the famous stone lions of the New York Public Library and the famous Wall Street Bull to attack Thor in Thor: First Thunder #2:

    He can mold and animate the ground into gigantic hands to crush Thor in West Coast Avengers #55:

    At times, what Loki animates apparently grows in strength in direct proportion to his target victim. Thor struggles against "mere tangle roots" inDomination Factor #6:

    And in a similar display, Loki animates mere machine wires to seize Masterson Thor's arm in Thor #441:

    Even in his youth, Loki was able to ensorcel a heap of tree leaves and animate them into horse forms for Thor, Balder and Sif to ride in Thor: Son of Asgard #5:


    Loki has a much greater affinity and demonstrated capacity to completely transmute matter. Here he transmutes his attire into human clothing inJourney Into Mystery #85:

    The ease with which he does this is demonstrated here in mid-battle against Apocalypse and Thor respectively in X-Factor #50 and Thor: First Thunder #2:

    He's transmuted Storm's clothing into a raiment befitting a goddess in New Mutants Special Edition #1:

    He can even transmute the local area as he pleases. Here he turns buildings into candy and cars into ice cream in Journey Into Mystery #88:

    When stuck in the Ultraverse dimension, Loki transformed Lord Pumpkin's entire base of operations, Vahdala, into a hideout of his own liking inNecromanta/Lord Pumpkin #1:

    He takes the mystical Roc's Egg and fashions a ring from it. This astounds Lord Pumpkin because the Roc's Egg is attuned to him personally. As seen in Necromanta/Lord Pumpkin #1:

    He similarly takes the Chief Disir crown and fashions it into a ring in Siege: Loki #1:

    He's even had rifles and bazookas sprout wings in Journey Into Mystery #88:

    In one of his more impressively complicated transmutation feats, Loki was responsible for the combining and creation of the infamous Tri-Sentinel at the conclusion to Acts of Vengeance in Amazing Spider-Man #329:

    In Thor's experience, it is only Loki who could transmute a simple cloud into an actual dragon in Journey Into Mystery #92:

    From thin air he's conjured up a small statue of Storm to remember her by in New Mutants Special Edition #1:

    He can do more obviously. He's taken thin air and created a gigantic golden statue of himself in Thor #193:

    He's also just transmuted gold to bribe trolls with in Thor Annual #14:

    He's also able to affect living matter. Here, he transmutes a tree into a living tiger in Journey Into Mystery #88:

    He transmutes simple spiders into gigantic monster spiders in Son of Asgard #1:

    Loki's cursed simple rats into becoming gigantic dire rats in Thor #382:

    Even Loki's astral form can transform a small lizard ito a fearsome dragon in Thor #401:

    Here in a bout of unadulterated mischief, he transforms people into negative forms in Journey Into Mystery #85:

    He's transmuted human beings into blank forms in Journey Into Mystery #88:

    Here (s)he takes a grubby human's hand and transmutes it into glass in Thor vol.3 12:

    Showing the depths of Loki's mischievous cruelty, we see human victims turned into stone, glass, their innards removed and skin robbed -- yet somehow still alive - in Thor: First Thunder #2:

    Loki's even reduced Jane Foster into a shriveled old hag, from Thor: First Thunder #5:

    He can even transmute the forms of Asgardians. He's transformed a giant into a falcon and back in Journey Into Mystery #115:

    He cruelly reduces Balder to a hideous lizard form and restores him in Thor #193:

    He's turned an innocent Asgardian citizen into a goat in Marvel Fanfare #35:

    Here he goes one step further and transforms the goat-form into a walking stick and back in Marvel Fanfare #36:

    Loki's cruelty isn't just reserved for heroes and innocents. Remember those Harbingers of Everlasting Winter? Yeah, they were fashioned from these treacherous Mountain Giants by Loki in Domination Facto #6:

    Here, he transforms the sorcerous Lord Pumpkin into a living scarecrow, from Necromanta/Lord Pumpkin #1:

    Loki's most impressive transmutation feat though? Transmuting Odin's father, Bor, into snow as shown in Thor vol.3 #7 and #12:


    Revamped Dr. Doom Respect ThreadRevamped Thor Respect Thread
    Revamped Loki Respect Thread



    Loki is also a formidable psionic. And as any psionic worth their salt is wont to do, he can utilize an astral form. As shown before and later in this thread, Loki can utilize all his abilities while in astral form, although his power is not as potent while in that form as introduced in Strange Tales#123:

    Loki's been able to use his astral form since childhood, as he does here to travel to Muspelheim in Thor #400:

    Loki's astral form allows him to perfectly reconnoiter his targets while remaining undetectable, from Domination Factor #8:

    Although he is imprisoned, his astral form can wander about freely, from Thor #276:

    Imprisonment, even banishment to the Isle of Silence, doesn't stop Loki from freely using his astral form, from Avengers: The Origin #2:

    Even when imprisoned by the All-Father Odin in an inert statue form in deep space, Loki can use his astral form to remain free in mind, if not in body. From Thor Annual #2:

    Despite massive interference, like Chthon's Chaos Cascade, Loki's astral form can still wander about freely, from Mighty Avengers #21 and 23:

    In terms of traveling speed, his astral form extends from Asgard to Earth in less than a blink of an eye in Thor #379:

    Even more impressively, while his body remains in Asgard, his astral form travels instantly to the Skrull galaxy where he passes a mental suggestion to the Super Skrull to return to Earth in Thor #142:

    Loki has often used his astral form to take control of other people's bodies. Here he takes control of an unconscious Jake Olson in Thor Annual#21:

    His targets don't have to be unconscious. Here he takes control of War Machine in Thor vol.2 #18:

    Even in the instant his body is totally destroyed, Loki's used his astral form to usurp other bodies -- here, Odin's. This also had the effect of expelling Odin's spirit. As shown in Thor #454:

    Loki can even expel an electronic consciousness from a computer matrix, from Domination Factor #8:

    Although Loki's power in astral form is reduced as shown earlier, still is it strong enough to briefly combat Odin's own astral form "on every conceivable astral and metaphysical plane," from Thor #455:


    One of Loki's most oft-used mental abilities is hypnosis. Here, he hypnotizes Jane Foster and animals to do his bidding in Journey Into Mystery#85:

    He's utterly hypnotized Jake Olson (much to Odin's chagrin), from Thor Annual #21:

    He can hypnotize an entire group of people simultaneously, from Mighty Avengers #33:

    He's hypnotized Asgardians as well, from Silver Surfer #4:

    He doesn't just hypnotize unwitting lackeys. He's ensnared formidable warriors like Balder and the Warriors Three, from Silver Surfer #4 and Marvel Fanfare #37:

    He's gotten Thor himself early on -- albeit, in a rather roundabout fashion -- in Journey Into Mystery #85:

    He's even hypnotized the Silver Surfer, from Silver Surfer #4:

    The other time he's gotten Thor, it was directly, as he played on Thor's violent nature stripped of a human conscience, from Thor: First Thunder#4:

    As seen from above, Loki's hypnosis ranges from absolute control to mere suggestion. That suggestion can be as insidious as it is deep and seductive, like with Storm in Uncanny X-Men Annual #9:

    The far-reaching effects of Loki's hypnosis likely have something to do with his long experience as Loki's been able to use hypnosis since childhood, as revealed in Thor #400:


    Revamped Dr. Doom Respect ThreadRevamped Thor Respect Thread
    Revamped Loki Respect Thread



    Loki is able to use mental projections. Here a simple one shows Odin what's going on with Thor in Journey Into Mystery #101:

    He uses another to conspire with the unwitting Silver Surfer to attack Thor in Silver Surfer #4:

    Even when not physically present, he can use mental projections to draw the Ghost Rider exactly where he wants him, from Thor #430:

    Loki's used mental projections to communicate across the dimensional gulf between Asgard and Earth, from Thor #601:

    His mental projections can actually possess physical characteristics, as he literally hands one over to Dr. Doom for closer inspection in Thor #603:

    And obviously, he can use them to call for help in times of distress, from Mighty Avengers #34:


    Loki can use his magic to simulate powerful telekinesis. Here, he pins Thor against a wall in Thor #191. Again, as revealed above, the Odin Ring drew upon Loki's own innate power:

    Loki's been able to use telekinesis since he was a child. Here, he shatters a quarterstaff in Thor Annual #4:

    Here, he practices levitating a fish out of a pond in Thor #403:

    Loki's effortlessly ensnared Sam Guthrie in New Mutants Special Edition #1:

    Red Skull is dismayed by how effortlessly Loki escapes his traps, controls Skull's mechanisms and looses his bindings, from Captain America #365:

    Red Skull is even more dismayed when he finds himself flung aside like a fly by Loki during Acts of Vengeance, from Avengers Annual #19:

    Loki dismantles an entire room to reveal its true surroundings in West Coast Avengers #55:

    Classic Vader-style choke shuts Zarrko up but good in Thor #441:

    Loki completely immobilizes Donald Blake in Thor: First Thunder #4:


    Unsurprisingly, Loki is an adept telepath as well. Here, Loki is able to reverse Thor's forced amnesia and restore Zarrko's memories in Journey Into Mystery #101:

    Loki can hurl psychic bolts that can stagger even Dr. Strange, from Journey Into Mystery #108:

    Loki uses his telepathy to send a "force of pure mental energy" across Asgard to contact Karnilla in Journey Into Mystery #119:

    Loki effortlessly probes a police officer's memories for the information he seeks in Thor #153:

    He scans Eric Masterson's mind to discover the truth of his words in Thor #441:

    More mischievously, he picks a memory from She-Hulk to manipulate her with in Thunderstrike #21:

    He melds minds with a resurrected Odin to penetrate his subconscious in Journey Into Mystery #511:

    In the middle of pitched battle, he's able to instruct Spider-Man on how to assist him in Amazing Spider-Man vol.2 #62:

    He can induce "a deep sleep of forgetfulness" with his telepathy to spare his daughter the trauma, also from Amazing Spider-Man vol.2 #62:

    Loki similarly leeches memories away from Kelda to spare her recognition of losing a piece of her soul, as revealed in Thor #614:

    When the Enchantress begins altering the fabric of reality and memory by manipulating the World Tree with her magicks, Loki melds the minds of Thor and Balder and her own's to pierce through the reality changes being wrought in Thor: God-Sized #1:

    Loki played with Osborn's psyche -- a psyche that proved formidable even for X-Man -- from Mighty Avengers #33:

    Here, he inserts apocalyptic visions into Thor's mind to further his machinations in Avengers: The Origin #2:

    Loki's telepathy is not always gentle or subtle; here, he violently pulls memories from the distraught mutant, Sandu, from Thor: First Thunder #3:


    Revamped Dr. Doom Respect ThreadRevamped Thor Respect Thread
    Revamped Loki Respect Thread


    It almost goes without saying that Loki's sorcerous power is not only vast, it's also varied. What follows is a catalogue of Loki's spells. First, an overview of the depths of Loki's experience to start:


    While most Asgardian boys were training to be warriors, Loki was in sorcery school, from Thor: Son of Asgard #7:

    Loki's penchant for learning sorcery manifests here where, under the pretense of being a dutiful and attentive son, Loki listens to Odin's stories to "discover new paths to power and witchery," from Thor Annual #11:

    As a child, Loki was apprentice to the Light Elf, Eldred, who "teaches Loki the secrets of the sacred runes and other forbidden arts," eventually learning all Eldred knows, from Thor #400:

    Loki would also learn "the secrets of herb-lore and the magical uses of various plants" from Eldred:

    Unfortunately for Eldred, Loki doesn't just gain knowledge from him. Loki summoned Surtur and offered Eldred's soul as a sacrifice for all of Eldred's sorcerous power. Surtur accepts and makes it so:

    Loki would continue to study all that was contained in Eldred's arcane library, as touched upon in Thor Annual #14:

    At one point, Loki was punished by Odin into serving underneath the sorcerer, Ularic. Bad idea. Here, Loki usurps all of the warlock's enchantments as his own in Journey Into Mystery #120:

    "Much did [Loki] learn of sickness and death from the magicks in the Sword of Surtur." That is no hollow boast either, as he creates a plague of fever and death that would sweep Asgard, from Thor #376:

    "Odin was not alone in hanging upon the Yggdrasil Tree for fourteen days to learn runes. Loki too lost precious life blood to the study of the dark arts." That's right, years before Thor would commit to a greater sacrifice, Loki was learning of Rune Magicks, from Amazing Spider-Man vol.2 #62:

    Loki never stops learning. Here, after his resurrection, he studies the arts of "ancient spellcasters" in Thor vol.3 #9:

    Not all of Loki's studies were bent towards the fall of Asgard. He often defended Asgard with his magicks, from Origins of Siege #1:


    As seen above, Loki has summoned Surtur. Here, Loki summons an entire army of empty-armored warriors to trick the Asgardians that they were at war, from Thor #264:

    Loki summons demon crows to tear Fandral to pieces in Marvel Fanfare #37:

    With a snap of his fingers, Loki can summon rock trolls from the ground that overwhelm Rachel Grey in Uncanny X-Men Annual #9:

    Loki's summoned Mephisto to Asgard in Thor vol.2 #18:

    Loki summons a monstrous Jutefiosk to delay Odin's arrival on Earth in the midst of Odin's teleportation in Thor vol.2 #38:


    Loki has used his headpiece to create a mystic cage. Dr. Strange must use his Amulet of Agamotto to escape it in Strange Tales #123:

    Loki conjures a set of stocks to entrap Rogue in Uncanny X-Men Annual #9:

    Loki can cast binding spells on doors to reinforce them, from Thor #378:

    He kept the Red Skull, the Wizard and the Mandarin helplessly bound in West Coast Avengers #55:

    Loki's bound his own daughter (under Morwen's control), in a binding spell in Amazing Spider-Man vol.2 #62:

    He's transported and kept Heimdall bound within the foundations of Asgard with wards in Thor #607:

    Loki can even bind souls with his magicks, from Siege: Loki #1:

    Loki's bound Kelda's spirit in Thor #614:



    Loki's enchanted various objects, including a simple deck of cards which will never lose and can actually heal wounds in Thor #370:

    Loki's ensorcelled an entire compound with traps with his enchantments in Thor #401:

    Loki's enchanted Ulik's pounders and increased their power in Thor #431:

    Loki created the Harbingers of Everlasting Winter and they can regenerate from any damage, from Domination Factor #2:

    Loki enchanted a knife with his own power and life-force so that if he was ever vanquished, he could live on, from Tales To Astonish vol.2 #1:

    A young Loki has enchanted a mirror to make anybody who's gazed into it love its bearer, from Thor: Son Of Asgard #8:

    Loki's enchanted a simple door and a ring to bring back those the door teleports in Thor vol.3 #9:

    Loki's enchanted a shot of liquor to bend Wolverine's will to his own in Wolverine: Wendigo #1:

    Loki has enchanted a sword to break the magicks that empower Absorbing Man, from Mighty Avengers #33:


    Loki is also adept at cursing objects, like Thor's sword in Thor #403:

    When Loki granted Thor half his strength, he also wove a curse upon Thor, inflicting him with grave seizures that would periodically sap Thor of his strength, as revealed in Thor #413:

    One of Loki's most elaborate curses involved making Deadpool both beautiful and invincible. Literally. Loki made Deadpool look like Tom Cruise and indestructible as an ironic punishment for failing him. Deadpool could fall face-first from a building and be unscathed, have his face run over by a train and be unmarred, press his face against nuclear rods and be unburned and be blown up by explosives and be completely unharmed, fromDeadpool #37-45:

    Loki cursed his son, Vali, to forever be trapped in a teenaged boy. Vali would go on to create the identity of Agamemnon and create the Pantheon, from Heroic Age: Prince Of Power #2:


    Loki has broken the spells of foes, both experienced and powerful. Here, he easily breaks the binding spells of Dr. Strange even while in astral form in Strange Tales #123:

    Later on, even Dr. Strange's attempt to use the Gem of the Purple Dimension is dispelled with a simple gesture:

    What Loki giveth, he can also taketh away. Not only does he strip the New Mutants' enchanted weapons of their power, he also strips Illyana of her gained knowledge of magicks, from Uncanny X-Men Annual #9:

    Seth, ruler of the Death Dimension, binds Loki but "even with the home turf advantage," Loki's magic proves far superior and he shatters them easily, from Journey Into Mystery #511:

    Eventually, Seth would draw forth enough power from the Dimension of Death and transform Loki into petrified wood. Despite this, Loki eventually breaks the spell in time to help the Asgardians in Journey Into Mystery #513. Loki even muses, "If I only had a bag of gold for every time someone imprisoned me in an inanimate state."

    Loki breaks Morwen's possession over his daughter in Amazing Spider-Man vol.2 #62:

    The Enchantress places a young Sif in a paralyzed state. Loki breaks the spell when it serves his mischievous purpose, from Thor: Son of Asgard#9:

    Loki breaks the spell which turned Bor into snow millenia ago in Thor #600:

    Loki breaks Wiccan's attempt to remove her disguise violently in Mighty Avengers #29:

    Loki forges a spellbreaker sword which can "undo any Asgardian charm," from Mighty Avengers #33:


    Revamped Dr. Doom Respect ThreadRevamped Thor Respect Thread
    Revamped Loki Respect Thread

    XVIII. SORCERY (cont'd)


    Loki has quite a penchant for sapping the strength of super-powered victims. Loki is capable of transforming Hulk and instantly sapping his gamma-spawned power despite plunging dangerously into a ravine, from Tales To Astonish #101-02:

    Loki can weave spells onto an entire realm and halve the strength of even Thor, from Thor #275:

    Loki completely saps the Asgardian power from each of the Wrecking Crew with but a touch, and transfers it to himself, from Thor #430:

    Nobilus was cloned by the High Evolutionary with the power of both Thor and Loki. As Nobilus moves to slay Thor with his magic, Loki saps his magical force and weakens him enough for Thor to defeat him, from Thor #482:

    Loki wove spells on the powerful and unwitting Godstorm which would transfer all of its power to Loki whenever he wanted to claim it. When Loki ambushes him from behind with an attack, he elicits a blast of power from the Godstorm which Loki absorbs with the rest of his power, fromGodstorm #3:

    Through some means off-panel, Loki managed to sap the magicks of Mangog himself, increasing his own power before confronting Rune King Thor inThor vol.2 #84:


    Loki has also often transferred his own strength to unwitting allies a great many times. Loki attempts to even the odds between Odin and the Storm Giant, Skagg. When Odin begins draining Skagg's power on Earth, Loki replenishes Skagg's strength with his own from Asgard. Eventually, Loki's limits are surpassed by Odin's power, from Journey Into Mystery #104:

    Loki famously merged and transferred his power to Silver Surfer to engage Thor in the classic Silver Surfer #4:

    Loki uses his headpiece to channel his power and Karnilla's to grant strength to Odin when he struggled with Infinity in Thor #188:

    When Asgard is threatened by Set, Loki eventually imparts half of his strength to Thor (stripped of his own powers) for the coming battle, in Thor#398:

    However, Loki rarely gives anything without exacting a price. When Loki granted Thor half his strength, he also wove a curse upon Thor, inflicting him with grave seizures that would periodically sap Thor of his strength, as revealed in Thor #413:


    In addition to transferring strength, Loki has often transferred spirits. Here, Loki transfers Balder's spirit from the Destroyer back to Balder's body inThor #266:

    Even disembodied, Loki somehow managed to place Balder's spirit into the Destroyer armor again, as revealed in Thor vol.3 #5

    Loki transfers his own spirit at the moment his body is obliterated by Thor into Odin's body (expelling Odin's spirit), in Thor #432:

    A disguised Loki needs only to touch the powerful Tarene to ensnare her spirit and transfer it over to the Destroyer, in Thor vol.2 #36:

    Loki famously transferred his own spirit into Sif's body and trapped Sif's spirit into a near-dead mortal, from Thor vol.3 #5

    Finally, Loki can extract pieces of a person's soul. Here, he extracts "a raw ingot of [Kelda's] empathic soul," from Thor #614:



    A glance at Loki's spells proves that he is a master of the elements.


    Loki has conjured a wall of enchanted ice to protect himself from Mjolnir in Avengers #1 and retold in Avengers: The Origin #4:

    This time, Loki encases Thor in enchanted ice, which is "stronger than steel itself," from Journey Into Mystery #115:

    Thor calls Loki out on his unoriginality as Loki again summons a wall of enchanted ice in West Coast Avengers #56:

    In H2H combat, Loki attempts to benumb Thor with enchanted frost in Thor #153:

    Loki again ensnares Thor in a case of staggering symmetry and attempts to benumb Thor with enchanted frost in Thor #432:


    Loki incinerates Thor's make-shift mallet in Journey Into Mystery #92:

    Loki fires a powerful fireball that literally melts amped Frost Giants as it weaves through them in Thor #378:

    Even Iron Man's armor cannot fully protect him from Loki's conjured fire, in West Coast Avengers #56:

    Loki follows up a touch of enchanted frost with a touch of incineration upon Thor in Thor #432:

    Loki can literally blow up an entire building, from Deadpool #37:

    A snap of Loki's fingers incinerates a violent Frost Giant in Thor vol.3 #12:

    Bill is nearly engulfed in a torrent of Loki's flame in Thor #603:

    In the midst of a battle with the Disir, Loki causes explosions on the battle-field in Siege: Loki #1:


    Loki's encased himself in enchanted stone to protect himself from his foes in Thor #277:

    Loki can also encase others in that enchanted stone, from Thor #313:

    Loki's summoned rock trolls from the very earth itself in Uncanny X-Men Annual #9:

    Loki has conjured dust familiars to amuse Wolverine and Thor in Wolverine: Wendigo #1:

    Loki has caused a volcano to spew mystic "volcanic gas globules" that sap Thor of his strength and willpower in Avengers #1 and retold inAvengers: The Origin #2:


    Thor isn't the only one with control over the weather. Loki uses a Crystal of Transference to engulf Manhattan in the same weather he must endure in exile in Thor #308:

    Here, Loki brews a storm that drowns many of Thor's human companions in Thor #382:

    Loki can summon great winds to overwhelm helpless Avengers like the Falcon and Wasp in West Coast Avengers #56:

    Even as a child, Loki dabbled in summoning storms, from Godstorm #1:


    Revamped Dr. Doom Respect ThreadRevamped Thor Respect Thread
    Revamped Loki Respect Thread


    What follows is a further catalogue of Loki's other spells that he has cast.


    Loki can mute a person's voice, including Thor's calls for peace in Silver Surfer #4:

    Loki can cast his spell of silence to drown out all sound so that even Heimdall cannot hear him, from Thor #365:

    Loki casts Raggador's Restraint which prevents Cassie from revealing anything she's discovered about Loki disguised as the Scarlet Witch, fromMighty Avengers #28:


    Loki can reanimate corpses as undead servants, from Thor #382:

    Here, Loki reanimates a child's corpse to do his bidding in Necromanta/Lord Pumpkin #4:

    Loki reanimates Jake Olson's corpse to weave more mischief in Thor's life, from Thor vol.2 #20:

    Loki can also place people into suspended animation. Here, Loki places Storm in suspended animation within a Crystal Chrysalis, from New Mutants Special Edition #1:

    Loki does the same to Sif to trick her attacker into believing he had drowned her, from Journey Into Mystery #510:


    Loki restores a near lifeless mortal to secure Spider-Man's oath to assist him in Amazing Spider-Man vol.2 #61:

    Loki heals Kelda despite her having her heart torn out by Dr. Doom in Thor #606:

    Loki's greatest healing feat is making himself virtually immortal. Here, Balder decapitates him and Loki casually re-affixes his severed head back into place, from Thor #344:


    Loki casts a spell of regression which regresses and slows Thor's mind in Thor #365:

    Loki enchants the Harbingers of Everlasting Winter with a spell that stokes bloodlust in its opponents, from Domination Factor #2:

    Loki casts a distortion spell which causes Bor to see and hear a warped perception of the world around him in Thor #600:

    Loki uses chaos math to overwhelm Reed Richards' mind in Thor: First Thunder #5:


    Here, Loki enchants uru metal with irresistible magnetism to draw Mjolnir in Journey Into Mystery #92:

    Loki has created Magic Gauntlets to pummel Thor with in Thor #191:

    Here Loki hurls an enchanted Circle of Oblivion, causing Karnilla to flee in Thor #266:

    Loki can use eye-blasts powerful enough to knock Seth back and disrupt Seth's woven spells elsewhere, from Journey Into Mystery #511:

    Loki conjures a sphere of magic that fires off tracking blasts that tag Spider-Man, from Amazing Spider-Man vol.2 #61:

    Dispensing with precision, Loki can use an area blast and blow up a building from the inside, from Amazing Spider-Man vol.2 #61:

    Loki does the same here under the guise of the Scarlet Witch in Mighty Avengers #28-29:

    Loki's used a Slaver Enchantment to keep Wolfsbane and Hrimhari his thralls in New Mutants Special Edition #1:

    Together with the Enchantress, Loki casts a spell of forgetfulness, causing all of Asgard to forget the circumstances by which they rallied around Loki in Thor #264:

    Loki can cast spells of believability to... well... make people believe in him, from Thor #365:

    Loki can place and revive people from deep slumber, from Thor #603:

    Loki can even use voodoo. Here, he stabs a burning stick into a watery reflection of Northstar causing him to experience a burning thirst in Alpha Flight #50:




    Loki has made frequent use of his Fire Sword. He first uses it in Journey Into Mystery #115:

    The Fire Sword is able to shatter normal blades with a single blow , from Thor #189:

    He conjures it from his bare hands, from Thor #207:

    He can project blasts from it as well, from Thor #233:

    While Loki is not as adept a swordsman as Thor, the power of the sword can equalize that gap in skill, from Thor #278:

    Its power is shown where he begins overwhelming Masterson Thor in Thor #441:

    Loki forged another formidable Fire Sword, the Eir-Gram, which gave Loki an edge, both literal and figurative, to tame the Disir, from Siege: Loki #1:

    Loki explains that it "channels spirit of the wielder into an edge," from Thor #611-12:

    Loki forged it using hellfire and a piece of Kelda's soul, from Thor #613-14:


    Loki has also often used the enchanted Norn Stones. When they were first introduced, Loki explained their individual powers when he is forced into a series of trials bereft of his weapons and spells (Loki cheated, obviously). The first Norn Stone could project actual scenes from far-away locations, from Journey Into Mystery #116:

    Loki uses another to turn molten lava into a solid path:

    Yet another enables Loki to molecularly phase:

    Another of the Norn Stones gives Loki the ability to levitate out of harm's way:

    Another Norn Stone permitted him to avoid a withering heat with a magical whirlwind:

    This Norn Stone acted as a repellent of any form of plant life:

    When Asgard is restored by Thor, the Norn Stones are still being used by Loki... at least vicariously. Here he brings Parker Robbins, the Hood, to them and replaces his lost power, from New Avengers #56-57:

    The Norn Stones collectively can be used to amp its targets with unbelievable power, power even to challenge the Void, from Siege #4:


    That's right, Loki is one of the few bearers of the Infinity Gauntlet. When the Infinity Gems crossed over into the Ultraverse, Loki began assembling the Infinity Gems. He eventually would be drawn into a game with the Grandmaster, which Loki wins. However, the Gems would have their own agenda, from Ultraforce #10 and Ultraforce/Avengers #0:


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