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    Loki is a Norse god associated with fire, magic, and trickery. He fathered Hel, Fenrir, Jormungandr, and Slepnir (Odin's steed), among others. He is the husband of the goddess Sigyn. Loki is one of the few giants who are allied with the Norse gods.

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    Loki is the Norse God of tricksters. He often is portrayed as an antagonist and an enemy of Thor. He was responsible for the death of Balder and as a result was chained up and tormented. When Ragnarok comes his bonds will shatter and he will lead the forces of evil against the gods. Loki is fated to kill and be slain in turn by Heimdall.

    • Name: Loki. Also Loke and Loptr.
    • Symbols: The main symbol of Loki was his stitched mouth.
    • Area Of Control: Shape Shifter, magic, falsehood and lie.
    • Usual Image: Loki was thought of as a tall thin man, beautiful and lascivious.
    • Holy Books: The Edda, as well as poems and sagas.
    • Place Of Worship: Temples, forests and household altar.
    • Relatives: Fárbauti (father), Laufey (mother), Helblindi and Býleistr (brothers), Sigyn (wife), Fenrir, Jörmungandr and Hel (sons by Angrboda) and Nari and Váli (sons by Sigyn).

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