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    King of the Killer Locusts

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    Lokar made his first appearance in an episode of Space Ghost called "Lokar -King of The Killer Locusts." Lokar has the ability to create and control robotic locusts which he uses to try and destroy Space Ghost.

    Backstory: Though Lokar's origins are shrouded, it is quite possible that he is a product of genetic mutation because he is the only one of his kind that is ever shown or mentioned in any of Space Ghost's adventures. If so, he was most likely created by the Creature King. Creature King is most likely the one who created Lokar because he is the only person in Space Ghost's quadrant/system/galaxy knowledgeable in gene manipulation. If Creature King did create Lokar it could also explain Lokar's intellect. Creature King was also very skilled at mind control and brainwave manipulation, he could have used his skills and technology to program Lokar's brain with intellect. This might have been done to extend Creature King's control over animals to insect life, by controlling Lokar who would control other insects. However Creature King's plans could have gone awry and Lokar was able to overcome his control, which either happened before Lokar's mind control abilities were programmed or they were somehow severed in the process. Because he does not have genetic mind control abilities, he uses Robotics to do evil deeds instead.

    In Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Lokar is a flamboyant and cultured snob who took Zorak's place in the Council of Doom, when the mantis became the bandleader for Space Ghost's talk show. He often butted heads with Zorak. Lokar has a passion for classic literature and music and possesses a high vocabulary. Lokar is also gay due to his crush on Moltar and referring to male characters as "lover."


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