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    The mother of Malcolm who has a short-temper and endless patience for controlling her sons.

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    Lois is the mother of Malcolm and his brothers Francis, Reese, Dewey and later Jamie and the wife of Hal, like her husband Hal she works full time in retail at a Grocery Store known as the Lucky Aide along with her boss Craig Feldspar and later his son Malcolm.


    Lois is what you call her a complete control freak and has terrible temper for controlling her family, mainly her badly behaved sons for getting into trouble like in school, breaking curfew and even fighting with each other in order to give them punishments for their reckless behaviour.

    She has tense relationships with her boys like her oldest one Francis always getting into arguments with her because of their stubborn behaviour as time passes on before Lois kicked him out of the house in his teenage years by sending him off too Military School due to his bad behaviour and her relationship with Malcolm is completely typical as well as both of them are very intelligent with each other, Lois enjoys making mockery of Malcolm due to his intelligence and even grounding him as he deserves to get into trouble with the law until he strikes back to manipulate her along with his brothers Reese and Dewey.

    Despite of all the fuse and actions for her stressful lifetime for being a mother, Lois stills loves her family whenever she’s in a good mood for being a perfect parent to her boys when they are in their good behaviour, still she loves her husband Hal as her marriage with him is still perfect and Lois is a good provider to her kids for doing so well with her job at the Lucky Aide and even Craig has a soft spot for her.

    Bring into Lois’ aggravation has what caused her behaviour for being raised in a awful childhood by her mean-spirited and heartless mother Ida, neglectful father Victor and even for her younger sister that everyone favours her Susan. Even Lois will learn her lessons as her life changed when she met and marries to Hal as their relationship will spice up their marriage.


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