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    Character » Lois Griffin appears in 17 issues.

    Lois is the wife of Peter Griffin and the mother of their 3 children, Meg, Chris, and Stewie. She is a loving, caring mother, but has a wild side all it's own.

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    Lois's parents are very wealthy, and she met Peter Griffin when he was a pool boy. Peter's father hates Lois because of her religion, and Lois's father hates Peter because he is not rich or a high-class citizen.

    Lois's father seems to not care much about her. Once when she was a child, she was kidnapped, and her father would not help her. She seems to despise her father, and she tries to rebel against him in any way that she can. She married Peter, and she tried to become a model. Peter took Lois to his bar to show off his model wife. All of the guys were hitting on Lois, telling her to take her jacket off. The entire bar started yelling "jacket off, jacket off"! She parties and has a wild side, unlike those of most wealthy citizens. She still calls her father Daddy, and seems to try and find ways to find his approval.

    Lois and her mother have an active relationship, and Lois has a brother and a sister. Her sister, Carol, has had nine husbands, but all have left her. She had one son. Lois also had a brother that her parents had kept secret from her. He is insane, and was placed in an asylum. Her brother walked in on Jackie Gleason and his mother having sex, and was traumatized to the point at where he became a serial killer of fat men. He tried to kill Peter, but was stopped.

    Lois is considered to be a typical American mother with a loud mouth, but other times she is overly active in sexual activities. She has had affairs with many musicians, notably Gean Simmons. Others include J. Geiles, a pryo technician from Whitesnake, and Hall & Oates. This is perhaps what inspired her to become a part-time piano teacher. Her son Stewie Griffin hates all of the bad pianists in the house, and often tries to stop them from playing. Lois has also had an affair with Bill Clinton. There is also some speculation that Lois is a bisexual, as she has made several comments that suggest this. (ei, "Women are such teasers, that's why I went back to men.) In the abortion episode it is also revealed that she had "experimented" with her old college friend Naomi.


    Lois is a very attractive women who is often hit on by other people.  She is also shown to be a master hand to hand combatant so much that she was able to beat up her teacher with relative ease.


    In a recent episode Family Guy Lois discovered that her mother was a Holocaust survivor which made her and her children Jewish. She did not take this seriously while Peter did. Soon though Peter is visited by the ghost of his father who tells him to stop acting Jewish. Lois later starts taking her heritage seriously after talking to her mother. Peter soon dresses up as the Easter Bunny since Lois does not want to celebrate Easter but Jesus visits and tel,ls Peter that he is acting crazy. Her Jewish heritage has not been mentioned since.

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