Character » Lodestone appears in 16 issues.

    Lodestone was hired by mob boss Phillipe Bazin in his fight against Darkhawk.

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    Mob boss Phillipe Bazin hired Andrea for an experiment that gave her magnetic powers like those of Magneto. When Tombstone tore out Darkhawk's amulet, Lodestone wrested it from him in turn. She then captured Darkhawk, but his father sacrificed himself to save him and she was defeated. 


    Lodestone was created by Danny Fingeroth and Mike Manley in 1991 and first appeared in Darkhawk # 7.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Masters of Evil

    The Crimson Cowl would bring together twenty-five super villains into her Masters of Evil for one orchestrated plan to rule the world. Lodestone and the Masters of Evil would split up in different groups and acquire important components so they could install numerous weather modulators around the world. The world would bow to their feet after they unleashed cataclysmic storms in various countries. Hawkeye and five Thunderbolts members discovered their base and devised a plan to take down the Masters. Moonstone would join the Masters so she can get inside their defenses while the other T-Bolts took down Lodestone, Man-Ape, Constrictor, Joystick and Shatterfist. Hawkeye took out Lodestone with an electro-arrow and Songbird would swap costumes with her so they can infiltrate the base in disguise. Moonstone revealed to the Crimson Cowl that the T-Bolts were disguised as members of the Masters of Evil. Hawkeye and the T-Bolts removed their disguises and all hell broke loose. Moonstone betrays the Masters and takes down the Crimson Cowl. The Thunderbolts are victorious and the rest of the Masters of Evil are defeated and placed into custody.     

    Powers & Abilities

    Lodestone has the ability to magnetically manipulate the metal in the world around her including iron molecules that course through our bloodstream. Lodestone was trained to use visualization techniques to help control her emotions and power. She also wears a damper coat to help keep her powers under control. She is also capable of levitation and flight.



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