Character » Locust appears in 43 issues.

    Dr. Hopper is Locust a mad scientist obsessed with becoming a famous Entomologist.

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     Dr. August Hopper
     Dr. August Hopper
    A Professor at Metro College, Dr August Hopper is fired for his theories on insect mutation. He finds a job with Ryan Chemicals where he continues his work in entomology and creates the most potent insecticide. Tired of being an unknown in the world he comes up with a plan to create an army of giant insects that only he can destroy. Convinced that this will make him famous world over he becomes Locust and sets out to unleash his creations. He is soon defeated by the X-men and convinced to turn himself into the authorities after Professor X shows him the error of his ways. 


    Powers and Abilities

    • Exo-Shell- modeled after the exterior skeleton of insects
    • Cocoon Silk- web like substance that shoots from his glove .
    • Micro-Magnetic Antennas- these enable him to control his insects.
    • Metallic Wings- enable him to fly although not as well as Angel
    • Ionic Stun Device- created to keep rebellious insects under control but also effective against humanoids.
    • Magno-Ray- Makes insects grow to a giant size 

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