Character » Locus appears in 31 issues.

    Locus is a noble and immensely skilled Lancer, as well as an Apostle who serves Griffith in the Neo Band of the Hawk.

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    Locus was famous as a legendary Knight and an incredibly skilled Lancer. He seems to have attained quite bit of fame among the mercenary community for his incredible skill and honor as a knight.

    Locus was first seen at the siege of a Kushan occupied Midland city, where he cut a path toward the leader of the siege, Griffith, the Hawk of the Light, and pledged himself into Griffith's service. His reasoning for this pledge of loyalty was that he had seen Griffith in a vision. He was later seen in the assault on Ganishka, along with his battalion of Demonic Lancers, leading the ground assault as a means to distract the Emperor while Griffith and Zodd kidnapped Midland's princess, Griffith's former lover.

    Gear and Abilities

    Locus is unmatched in combat on horseback, and is renowned across Midland for being one of the most honorable and skilled knights in the entire world. He is specifically skilled in the use of a lance.

    Locus' Apostle form is that of a massive metallic centaur, with his lance transforming into a silver double ended sword, with which he is incredibly skilled. He is shown to be able to skewer several opponents on either side of his blade at one time.


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