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    A hardcore vigilante who captures and jails criminals for trial, no mercy even if he has to break them out of jail in the first place. He was first seen in Batman TAS.

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    First Appearances

    A new vigilante begins to unravel in Gotham. When Drury Walker ( Killer Moth, Charaxes) is transformed in to Charaxes, he kidnaps Tim Drake and traps him in a cocoon to be eaten alive. Robin manages to escape and fight Charaxes as Batman arrives. Just as he is about to eat Robin, Lock Up arrives and captures Charaxes in an electric net. He takes Charaxes with him before Batman arrives.

    Later, Lock up kidnaps criminals including Veezy (a man with multiple and dangerous allergies) and Croup who is a killer.

    Full Appearance

    Lock-Up made his big appearance when he kidnapped Two-Face, smashing the prison van that he was being transported in. Lock Up takes the master-criminal to a mysterious jail. There, Two Face declares that: "You're not the law! You're just some kind of nut!". He tells Two Face to think of it like this: "The blind lady playing catch up, Dent". He then electrocutes him with his staff. One of the prisoners (Veezy) asks him to change his cell since being near to Charaxes gives him allergies. Lock up tells him to deal with it.

    Meanwhile, Batman calls in Nightwing. Along with him and Robin, Batman conceives of a plan to capture the new vigilante. Batman rules out the possibility that he might have been hired and Black Mask fits that bill perfectly. Batman then says his plan with only eight words: " We can kill two bunnies with one stones". The trio then convinces one of Black Mask's me: Joe Rabbit (cause he wears a Rabbit mask) to turn in evidence against Black Mask. Rabbit agrees to turn in state evidence and this attracts the attention of both Lock-Up and Black Mask.

    Black Mask then orders a hit on the hotel where Rabbit is being held by Detective Montoya and Harvey Bullock. Batman, Robin and Nightwing keep watch, suddenly Black Mask's men attack the hotel. The trio jumps in and fights the masked men. As they handle the situation, a 'bang round' pellet is dropped and Harvey and Montoya are incapacitated. Lock Up comes out of the shadows and tells Joe Rabbit that he will not trade away his sins and that he is going to serve a life sentence. Bullock attacks Lock-Up from behind. Lock up says they are on the same side and that he does not want to hurt a policeman. Bullock says that the feeling aren't mutual and shoots Lock-Up in the chest but he is wearing body armor. Lock-Up then says the Bullock is just as bad as the criminals. Before he could continue Bullock jumps on him and Montoya jumps from behind and pistol whips him on the head. Lock Up falls unconscious and Montoya cuffs Lock Up.

    Later, Lock-Up is unmasked and Montoya orders more restraint to be put on him as he is a special case. Meanwhile, Batman and Nightwing laments on the fact that they couldn't capture Lock Up themselves, Tim says they should leave some perps for the cops.


    Batman: Nightwing's right, Robin. (jumps off the roof and swings away) We didn't anticipate every angle. We jumped in without looking at every possibility. We came too close to failing tonight.

    Robin asks what's going with Batman. Nightwing replies that he (Batman) is feeling a little infallible these days. Nightwing believes that it's because of the Clench and that Batman lost Gotham to an enemy he can't even see. Nightwing himself then swings away.

    Life Or Death.....

    Lock-Up is put into the interrogation room where Detective MacKenzie Bock questions him. Lock Up's real name is Lyle Bolton, a wannabe cop who always gets kicked out for brutality and overzealous behavior. He used to work as a security guard but got fired for breaking a shop lifter's legs. Bolton says that he met Bock while they were at the academy and kicked his tail in the combat classes. Bullcok warns him to play cool with them.

    However, Bolton smiles and tells them that he has got prisoner's locked up and they are all going to starve to death and he is not going to reveal where he has imprisoned them.

    Meanwhile, at Lock Up's prison, Veezy panics and screams because of hunger. Lock Up has not returned for half a day already. Two Face tells him to shut up: (You're giving us a headache Veezy). Bock asks him if he wants a lawyer, Bolton (no lawyers) then Bullock asks whether they could make a deal, (No deals). Bolton tells them that they are not used to dealing with a man with principles. Bullock gets angry and orders to book him. On the rooftop, Batman and Gordon speak to each other. Batman suggests that Lock Up may have killed his prisoners. Gordon says that he doesn't believe that. An officer chains Bolton and puts him in a cell, Bolton smiles. Then when he leaves, he spits out the key to the shackles and frees himself. He then invades the security room and beats up two cops. He then impersonates one of them and escapes.

    At the Batcave, Robin and Nightwing try to find Lock Up's prison, Alfred brings pineapple and Andouille pizza; Dick's favorite. Batman emerges out of the shadows and announces that Lock up has escaped. However, according to Batman some of his sources are now cut off now that the cops knows his face. (..he's going to have to pick his targets from the evening news and the news papers.). Then Batman notices the smell of pizza, (Is that Pizza I smell?) Nightwing (Andouille and Pineapple). Batman responds that he is not that hungry.

    Meanwhile, Lock up returns to his prison and serves sandwiches and apples to his prisoners. Veezy then complains about how he is allergic to almost all the ingredients in the sandwich. He tells him to just eat the bread. As he walks out, the prisoner's throw half eaten apples at him.

    The trio of Batman, Robin and Nightwing fan out to capture possible criminals that could become the target of Lock Up:

    Vanya 'Hunky' Triplet

    He got out of racketeering charges by 'fixing' his federal jury. Batman disguises himself as Matches Malone to get close to him. One of them says that Malone used to run with Mickey Diamond's crew. Malone says that they parted days. One of them jokes that Mickey parted to the Morgue. The gang goes into Vanya or Vanny's limo , he wants to 'go at it' till dawn but one of them is getting dropped off. One of the henchmen then points a gun at Malone. Vanny tells him that his 'good' friend Vanny is wired and anyone he gets near to gets burned. He then checks whether Malone is wired and rips off his shirts and finds no wire. One of them suggests to kill him off anyway. They then go through a tunnel.

    Jay Huffman

    An obese man accused of being a child murderer. The press tried to press charges against him but no evidence of any of the children he murdered was found. The press then began to express outrage over some other problems and forgot Huffman. Nightwing drops by on his fire escape. He watches Huffman cook dinner and pours soup in two plates. Nightwing makes a sarcastic joke and realizes that Huffman lives alone! And that he's got another kidnapped child about to be murdered.

    Eldon 'Young El' Adams

    He is the leader of a street gang and Robin knows him well for killing Karl Rank. He was set free when he convinced the Jury that he killed him in Self Defense. Robin takes on his disguise as Alvin Draper. He offers money to join the gang. Young El Adams to step into his showroom, demonstrating his artillery of weapons. As El tries to introduce him to the guns a truck smashed into the car. Lock up has arrived. He shoots the escaping Gang members with rubber bullets. Young El escapes via a steel net fence. Tim Drake/Alvin Draper tries to contact either Batman or Nightwing he reached Nightwing but Lock Up tries to kidnap Tim. Tim punches him but Lock Up electrocutes him and takes Tim with him.


    Lock-Up takes Tim to his hideout, unconscious and tied up. Lock up then offers his prisoner's Chinese take out. He distributes him and when Veezy tells him that Chinese take out gives him mucous and shortness of breath, Lock up tosses it to Killer Moth. Meanwhile, Tim has reached Nightwing and begins sending him messages. He tells him he thinks that he is on a boat. Nightwing tells him to keep talking but Tim's transmission is weak. However, before Tim could say anything, Lock-Up takes him to a well filled with water and throws Tim into it. This causes Tim's communicator to shorten out. Lock up then takes Tim's finger prints; he still has no idea that it's Robin. Lock-Up then tosses Tim into a cell.

    Batman meanwhile is still in the limo. Even though Malone (Batman's disguise) is not wired, one of the henchmen tells the Vanny that they should kill him anyway. Vanny agrees after all (why take any chances). Malone then kicks the driver's head. Then the henchmen tries to shoot him but misses. They car skids past the wall and the car is rotated upsides down and lands on the hood. Suddenly an oncoming truck hits the car.

    Oracle suddenly gets a message over the program that Batman's created, the one which alerts him on certain information that comes over the law enforcement network. She then shows the information; She has matched a new pair of fingerprints that have appeared to Robin.

    The cops gather around a Vanny's wreaked car, the gangsters are still alive and some of the cops speculate on what happened. Meanwhile, Matches Malone (Batman), is watching the outcome above and one of the cops saying (Yeah and their all gonna live. Some guys have all the luck.) grasps his attention.

    Nightwing calls Alfred who tells him he is aware of Tim's current status. Dick asks Alfred to help him find Tim. Alfred tells Dick that Tim's last GPS signals came from Gotham harbor. Dick tells him to wait till he is out of the water. Alfred is stumped.

    At Lockup's prison, he tells Tim that he has got quite a rap sheet for someone his age. He tells him that it's lucky that he grabbed him just in time. Tim is surprised hearing about his/Alvin Draper rap sheet. However, the rap sheet is a false that was made by Oracle. Dick tells Alfred that he has connected the dot, that Tim mentioned something about a boat and old gun battery from World War 2 seems like an ideal place. Dick arrives there and sees the presence of another boat. Alfred tells Dick to be careful since Tim might be in jeopardy but Nightwing replies that the clown who grabbed him is also living in a world of jeopardy.

    Dick enters the old gun battery and comes face to face with Lock Up. Nightwing beats him and knocks him out. He leaves him tied up. Dick meets up with Tim and Two Face puts two and two together to find out that it was Robin. Robin asks Dick where Lock-Up is, Dick tells that he is tied up upstairs. Tim reveals that the guy is an escaped artist. Lock is already free and he begins to flood the jail room with sea water. Tim tells him that Lock-Up controls the cell doors using a panel. Dick tries to open Tim's cell but ends up releasing all the prisoner's instead: Two Face, Croup, Veezy and Charaxes,

    Tim and Dick fight some off them off and reach the stair well, but Lock-Up shuts the steel hatch; their only way out. He then sentences them all to death. Tim tells him that they have the advantage since they can only come at them one at a time. Dick says it's not much of an advantage since the one coming is Charaxes. Dick and Charaxes fight and as the water level rises, Two Face comes at Tim and attempts to kill him by choke hold. Veezy screams that he is going to get Pneumonia.

    Then as Lock-Up enjoys them 'clawing like animals.' A gloved hand touches his shoulders. The water suddenly drains and the hatch open reveling (drums roll) : Batman! He then demands Two Face to let go of Tim. He jumps in and knocks Harvey out. Tim runs to Nightwing who has tied Charaxes to a jail cell: (Good thing Moth's don't swim so good). Lock Up and the other prisoners are then taken to prison.

    Batman vs. Wildcat

    Ted Grant meets with a local snitch named Flea Fitzgerald because he has heard about an underground fight club called the "The Secret Ring" in Gotham and a Wildcat wannabee was reported dead nearby. On the other side of Gotham, Bruce is made aware of this fight club thanks to his golfing rival Devlin. Devlin is a spectator of the sport and has often recorded the fights through a special satellite downlink.

    As Batman, Bruce visits Gordon at the precinct to find out what the police is aware of. Gordon escorts Batman to the precinct's morgue where they have kept the supposed Wildcat's corpse for the last 24 hours. The body was found near a harbor in the Tri-Corner Yards with bite marks similar to that of Killer Croc's. Gordon identifies the victim as Hector Ramierez, a high school graduate who joined the Navy and became a heavyweight boxer. Ramierez used Pugilism during his boxing matches which is a fighting style that Wildcat favors. Ramierez must have been a student of Ted's and adopted his mentor's mantle to keep the memory of Wildcat alive.

    Bruce figures the only way to get in to the Secret Ring is to pose as Matches Malone. As Malone, Bruce pays Penguin a visit and inquires about the fight club but their conversation is interrupted by Wildcat. It turns out Flea has gone missing and Wildcat demands to where he is. Penguin agrees to assist Wildcat in order to prevent him from inflicting any more damage to the Iceberg Lounge.

    Meanwhile, Ernie Chubb, the operator of the Secret Ring, organizes his next fight. In the second bout, KGBeast is scheduled to fight a Venom addict named Willis Danko. Ernie Chubb has been working with Lock-Up in order to detain all the heavy hitters for his fight club. Chubb gained Lock-Up's obedience by promising Bolton that he would fulfill his need to exact justice on the scum of Gotham by putting them through these death matches in the "Secret Ring". Chubb also guaranteed that he would share the revenues of the fights with Bolton in order to fund his latest incarceration venture. Lock-Up has designed a new prison within the bowels of Gotham which he has dubbed the Sewer of Life.

    Chubb on other hand, wants to settle his own personal blood lust. Chubb was once a prized heavyweight boxer but his violent tendencies caused the deaths of numerous fighters. The promoters at first, warned Chubb to restrain his anger but when he refused to let up, they had him dismissed from the sport permanently. Chubb felt that the promoters and fighters were simply envious of his talents because their human frailty and lack of stamina was no match for Chubb's superior abilities, education and raw power. Chubb believes that the sport of boxing is his birthright and he intends to take it back with the "Secret Ring".

    Wildcat catches up with Flea and decides to interrogate him at the Tri-Corner Landfill. Wildcat straps Flea to front of a motorcycle with his face facing the handle bars as well as Wildcat. After the grueling torture of heat and friction from the motorcycle, Flea finally divulges the actual location of the Secret Ring. The Secret Ring is located in the canal zone nearby the Union Railyard.

    Oracle comes up with a homing device that tracks down pirated transmissions from satellites or transponders like the Secret Ring broadcast. Batman begins tracing the broadcast when the fight between KGBeast and Willis Danko initiates. KGBeast's automatic sniper rifle is removed from his severed left hand and replaced with a crudely fashioned sledge hammer. As for Willis Danko, Chubb feeds Danko's addiction by giving him a replica of Bane's Venom modular. On a side note: Willis Danko may have some connection to Danko Twag (the supposedly first Killer Moth) since Willis exclaims that he wrap KGBeast in his "cocoon of terror".

    Batman races against time in the Batmobile as he heads east on Havelock then south on Bank Street near the canal zone's hundred block. Batman reaches the source of the broadcast and has Oracle cancel the transmission. Wildcat makes his own brash entrance into the Secret Ring but Chubb's men had masks and used knockout gas to sedate Wildcat. The fight between Danko and KGBeast ends bloody as KGBeast uses the sharp end of his sledgehammer hand to sever the connection between Danko and the Venom modular. Danko becomes fatigued from the Venom withdrawal and KGBeast ends Danko by slamming his head repeatedly into the ground with his sledgehammer hand.

    Chubb orders Lock-Up to calm KGBeast down by using tranquilizer darts and then has him greet Batman with his electrical billy club. Batman is unconscious for a short while until he is thrown into the Secret Ring blindfolded. Chubb informs Batman that audience wants a little more excitement so Batman and his contender will not be able to see and will have to depend on their other senses to fight each other to the death. Both Batman and Wildcat have no idea that they are fighting each other nor do they realize that their boxing mitts have been spiked.

    Chubb is pleased by the ferocity that Batman and Wildcat are exhibiting towards each other. Chubb figures he should increase the fees for the subscriptions since the audience turn out is escalating. However, Chubb's internet tech Charlie, informs him that the transmission has been cancelled wirelessly but the video feed remains undisturbed. Chubb is of course furious at Lock-Up for failing to anticipate this move of Batman's but he still maintains his composure as the fight ensues.

    Wildcat and Batman finally realize that they are fighting each other after they had exchanged some familiar moves. Wildcat unmasks Batman and Batman makes a pass at the announcer. Batman grabs the remote control that unlocks the door to the arena and the heroes make their way to Chubb. As for Lock-Up, he is unable to track Oracle's signal since it piggy backs on decoy locations that appear in transit. Chubb decides to cut his losses by telling Lock-Up to release the convicts/ contenders. Lock-Up at first is hesitant but Chubb convinces him that the heroes will dispense their own justice on the criminals and the video feed is still rolling thus revenues will still flow when they sell copies of tonight's fights.

    Wildcat and Batman reach the Sewer of Life where the criminals are being kept. Unfortunately, the locks on their cells are unlocked and the criminals escape. Now, the heroes are at the mercy of Steel Jacket, Monsoon, King Snake, Trog, Killer Croc, Panara, Cassidy and KGBeast. Panara's savage nature causes her to attack Cassidy and Trog while the other criminals are left to combat the masked heroes. King Snake tries to attack Batman but he is tossed across the room by Monsoon. Batman counters Monsoon by using his momentum to fling the behemoth over his shoulders and have him fall right on top of KGBeast.

    As for Wildcat, he is momentarily immobilized by Steel Jacket until Killer Croc tries to sucker punch Ted but Ted dodges the punch and Steel Jacket is knocked out. Wildcat then goes to work on delivering a punishment that Croc will not soon forget. Ted wants Croc to suffer for what he did to Hector Ramierez. Croc gets a beating from Wildcat that was far worst than what he got from Bane. Fortunately, for him, Wildcat let Croc live with the shame of what he had done.

    Wildcat then turns and sees Chubb stepping into the arena. Wildcat provokes Chubb on the mockery of boxing that he calls the Secret Ring and allows Chubb to vent his anger. Wildcat intends to tire out Chubb and let his frustration get the better of him then Wildcat goes to work. Wildcat lays down a brutal tidal wave of jabs and uppercuts on Chubb. In the end, Chubb is down for the count and Wildcat delivers the final mock to Chubb by saying "You're just another bum that didn't make it to the big time." Wildcat and Batman catch their breath after a night's work but they are interrupted by Lock-Up. Both heroes sucker punch Lock-Up for a total knockout.

    No Man's Land

    A 7.5 Richter's scale earthquake destroys Gotham. The Black Gate, a prison off the coast of Gotham is struck by three tsunami's caused by the earthquake. Soon all of the inmates in Black Gate and Arkham Asylum are released. During those times Batman and his Bat Family worked hard to maintain order in the city. During those times Lock Up, the Trigger Twins and KGBeast;were the ones who served as the Guards in Arkham Asylum. Lock Up ruled the Black Gate prison using brutal tactics and Batman allowed him to do so since there was a need for a prison during those times. It wasn't until later that Batman sent Nightwing to restore order to the prison. He is later used by the society to break out all the super villains in world.

    Salvation Run

    He is seen in Gotham Underground working with Killer Moth, Firefly, Ventriloquist and sScarface he is injured by the 100 but survives.

    Lock-Up is now part of Salvation Run where Lex Luthor, Joker and almost all of the villains in the world are trapped in a prison planet by

    Amanda Waller's

    Suicide Squad. Lock-Up works with the other villains to escape from the harsh world. Several characters like, Hellhound, Monsieur Mala and the Brain have already died. He is later seen returning to earth with the other villains.

    After spending some time in prison, Lyle is released thanks to Hush masquerading as Bruce Wayne and was made a security consultant for WayneTech.

    Batman: The Animated Series

    Lock-Up's first appeared in the episode 'Lock Up'. He was originally created for the show and was later incorporated into the comics. Here Lyle Bolton used to be a guard at Arkham Asylum who uses torture tactics in guarding the prisoners, like threatning Scarface with termites and other patients including, Jonathan Crane (Scarecrow) and Harley Quinn.

    One night, after delivering Scarecrow back to prison, Batman notices how scared Scarecrow is of Bolton. Bruce Wayne then holds a meeting and all of the prisoners guarding him praise him for his work but in reality their comments were influenced by Bolton. It wasn't until Bruce Wayne offers to give him a promotion that all the criminals get scared. They get ecstatic and explains how Bolton have tortured them. Bolton tries to attacks the but Bruce discreetly drops a chair tripping him over as the orderlies take him in.

    Bolton is then suspended from his job but he is unwilling to dispel his belief. He sees a TV new report about Poison Ivy's recent break out. Bolton blames the media and the officials for 'advertising ' criminals and that they were the ones that are the real criminals.

    So one night, he kidnaps Summer Gleeson, but Bruce Wayne was present and he changes into Batman and fights him. Batman ends up defeated, but later finds that 'Lock-Up' has kidnapped Commissioner Gordon, Mayor Hamilton and Dr. Bartholomew. Batman and Robin team up to find Bolton and discovers him on a prison ship. They go there and face various traps like automated machine gun and mechanical arms. Batman eventually finds Lock-Up in a control room and they both fight. Lock ends up defeated but believes that he has won when he was sentenced to Arkham. Now he can keep a much more closer eyes on the criminals than before.

    Lock-Up was voiced by Bruce Weitz.

    The Batman

    Although Lock up himself wasn't introduced a similar villain named Rumor was introduced. Originally the writers were going to introduce 'Hush' in this episode but the idea was scrapped by WB (read more on this page: Tommy Elliot ). So in his place Rumors was introduced.

    In the episode he appeared in, Rumor was a mysterious new vigilante capturing all of Gotham's villains and every character they have introduced on the show. His plan was to execute them all. During Batman and Robin;'s investigations, Batman began to suspect the Paul Karon was the culprit. Karon had a motive, his legs were broken due to an encounter with the Joker. So he developed a device that aids him to walk.

    However, it was revealed that it wasn't Karon that kidnapped all the criminals but Mario, Karon's body guard. Mario was devastated by the fact that he couldn't save his employer so he believed killing all of Gotham's criminals would erase that mistake. Just when he was about to activate the machine that

    would do just that, Batman and Robin arrives. Batman destroys the machine but somehow all of the imprisoned villains are free. Batman and Robin fights every villain that has appeared on the show so far and defeats them including Mario who is taken to jail.


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