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    An Inhuman dog with the abilities of incredible teleportaton feats as well as other abilities. Serving the Inhuman Royal Family as their escort and teleportation means, Lockjaw is a loyal protector.

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    The Inhumans are an ancient race that diverged from human beings over 25,000 years ago. When they come of age, they are exposed to the Terrigen Mists. Each Inhuman experiences different results. One Inhuman dog was transformed by the same Mist. He is now known as Lockjaw and serves as a companion to the Royal Family. Born on the island of Attalin, Lockjaw's physical appearance is that of a a giant bulldog. His primary purpose throughout his life has been as a teleporter for Inhumans' and escorting the Royal Family of the Inhumans.


    Lockjaw was created for use in Marvel comics by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Lockjaw's first appearance is in Fantastic Four #45 which was released in December 1965.

    Major Story Arcs

    Living with the Inhumans

    Since his birth, Lockjaw has remained a steadfast and loyal servant of the Inhuman Royal Family, mainly as their primary means of travel throughout the world and galaxy, but also as something like a bodyguard. Lockjaw has shown to be incredibly empathic and cares greatly for his friends, doing whatever it takes to prevent them from coming to harm, or getting them out of trouble as quickly as he can.

    Pet for the Thing

    For some months. the Thing of the Fantastic Four had to take care of Lockjaw. He did this with some hesitation but the two however soon became an odd-pare that liked each-other. Lackjaw accompanied Thing and Franklin Richards to the race-tracks and other activities the Thing did for his favorite nephew. Eventually Lockjaw was picked up again by the Inhumans to return him to their own city.

    Secret Invasion: Inhumans

    During the events of Secret Invasion: Inhumans, the former king of the Inhumans Black Bolt has been captured and replaced by the Skrull leaving his former kingdom a prime target to be overtaken. The remaining Inhuman Royal Family, along with Lockjaw, make a deal with the Kree for their help to rescue Black Bolt from the Skrulls. Allies of the Kree have given them technology which they use to enhance and boost Lockjaws already considerable teleportation abilities which enable him to increase the distance he can teleport himself and others. With his amped abilities, Lockjaw aids the Inhuman Royal Family in finding and rescuing Black Bolt.

    Pet for Ms. Marvel

    After Medusa learns of Kamala Khan becoming Inhuman and taking up the mantle of Ms. Marvel, she employs Lockjaw to watch over her. Lockjaw runs through a crowd to find her and Ms. Marvel hugs him immediately. Kamala's family is apprehensive about keeping Lockjaw around but she convinces them otherwise. Lockjaw assists Ms. Marvel in combat; teleporting her to locations she couldn't reach on her own, fighting a gigantic robot made by The Inventor and against other minions of The Inventor.

    Powers and Abilities

    Teleportation- Lockjaw is said to be able to teleport not only himself but those in nearby proximity anywhere he desires. He is also able to teleport between dimensions across time, and through barriers that others might encounter problems with.

    Empathy- Lockjaw has limited empathic abilities, he can sometimes sense when those he cares for are in danger or need, no matter their distance. This ability also serves as a way of tracking as well.

    Super Strength- Lockjaw's strength is significantly greater than that of a typical dog of his size and build, and his jaws are able to grab and hold up to 90 tons. In addition, Lockjaw's teeth are similarly strengthened, whereas normal dogs can chew on bone and organic material, Lockjaw can do the same with metal and other types of inorganic materials.

    Matter Ingestion- Lockjaws digestive system is capable of digesting pretty much anything, from normal food to metal and even parts of robots.

    Super Smell- Lockjaw can also track beings he knows, even across inter-dimensional space just by picking up on their odor.

    Character Profile

    • Height: 5' (at the shoulders)
    • Weight: 1,240 lbs
    • Eye Color: Brown
    • Hair Color: Brown
    • Species: Inhuman
    • Place of Birth: Attilan
    • Known Masters: Inhuman Royal Family
    • Distinguishing features: Appearance similar to a bulldog but much bigger. Has an antennae on his forehead similar to the one of Black Bolt's cowl.

    Alternate Versions

    Earth 295 - Age of Apocalypse

    Lockjaw paralyzing the mutant Morph
    Lockjaw paralyzing the mutant Morph

    In Age of Apocalypse, Lockjaw and the entire Inhuman royal family were all killed by Maximus (Death Horseman of Apocalypse), but were later cloned to serve as his personal bodyguards using the Terrigen Mists. During the invasion of Magneto´s x-men on Apocalypse´s Ship in the blue area of the moon, the Inhumans confronted them. Lockjaw uses a certain kind of energy blast on Morph that incapacitate him and removed him from the battle. His fate is left unknown but it is speculated that Lockjaw could have perished as a result of Sunfire destroying Apocalypse´s Ship.

    This version of Lockjaw has red fur with totally yellow eyes. With an expression of aggression all the time.

    Marvel Knights 2099

    Lockjaw makes a brief appearance in Marvel Knights 2099 as one of the only remaining royal family members to have lived to the year 2099; Maximus the Mad has killed the rest of the royal family. On a space station called Attilan, the Inhumans had established themselves there as a base of operations and living quarters,

    Other Media

    Fantastic Four (1978)

    Lockjaw's TV debut
    Lockjaw's TV debut

    Lockjaw appears in the episode "Blastaar, the Living Bomb Burst." He is brought to the Baxter Building after Medusa loans him to the Fantastic Four, and quickly takes a shine to the team. He becomes upset after they temporarily leave him behind, and is subsequently manipulated into helping Blastaar. At the close of the episode, he happily returns to his friends, with Sue forgiving him since he didn't realize what he was doing.

    Strangely, Lockjaw's fur was colored white instead of brown.

    Fantastic Four: The Animated Series (1994)

    No Caption Provided

    Lockjaw was featured alongside the other Inhumans in "The Inhuman Saga Part 2 & 3."

    Marvel Universe (2013-)

    Lockjaw in Guardians of the Galaxy
    Lockjaw in Guardians of the Galaxy

    Lockjaw appears in the various Marvel cartoons on Disney XD, starting with the Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. episode "Inhuman Nature." He returned in the episode "Planet Monster," where he was one of the heroes who aided the Hulk in battling the Supreme Intelligence.

    Lockjaw next appeared in the Guardians of the Galaxy episodes "Crystal Blue Persuasion" and "Inhuman Touch." A running gag in the latter episode involved Groot trying to distract Lockjaw by throwing a piece of himself away as a stick.

    Lockjaw was featured in the third season of Avengers Assemble, beginning with the episode "Inhumans Among Us." He is shown to have a friendship with the Hulk, referencing their past encounters in the Hulk's own series. He appears again in the episode "The Inhuman Condition," where he brings the Avengers to Attilan to help free the city after it is taken over by Ultron.

    The Inhumans (2017)

    No Caption Provided

    Lockjaw will appear in the live-action Inhumans TV show.

    Video games

    Lockjaw in Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2
    Lockjaw in Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2
    • Lockjaw appears as a non-playable hero in the video game Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. His teleportation powers are used to help the heroes travel all over the galaxy and gather the necessary pieces of equipment to defeat a divinely-empowered Dr. Doom. In addition, throughout the course of the game Lockjaw converses with Spider-Man, Deadpool, and Thing.
    • Lockjaw appears as a playable character in Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2.


    Collector's Vault
    Collector's Vault
    • Diamond Collectibles released a Lockjaw Minimate alongside Psylocke as part of a two-pack.
    • Lockjaw was featured in the "Collector's Vault" San Diego Comic-Con set from Hasbro, alongside other animal characters like Howard the Duck and Cosmo.
    • Lockjaw was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Universe line.

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