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Bode Locke, a six-year-old survivor of the tragedy that claimed his father, is about to get a crash course in death when he walks through an impossible door that separates his spirit from his body. The Ghost Door, though, is only one of Keyhouse's unlikely secrets... the other is the creature who lives in the house's well, a girl who is not a girl... and who would kill to be set free.

The issue opens with a "WUT I diD THIS SUMMER" comic by Bode. In it Bode tells of how his father was killed and how his family traveled across the country, and also how he has been turning into a ghost. At the end is a note from Bode's teacher requesting a meeting with Mrs. Locke. Nina discusses with Duncan about Rendell's death and the family. Finally, the topic of the comic is brought up and Duncan recalls how he used to play a game similar to that as a kid. Unknown to them Bode is watching as a ghost, he then thinks about his father. Bode then visits Tyler because Bode thinks about him, and Kinsey because she was thinking of him. Bode decides to tell his siblings about being a ghost, neither believe him. As Bode dredges the Keyhouse pool with his ultimate treasure-finder his mother talks to him about his comic. When she leaves Bode notices an echo from the well house. When he goes in to inspect and asks if it is his echo, the echo answers back that it is. Bode flees and returns with his siblings and again they do not believe him.

That night Bode dreams of standing with his father, watching a wolf dig up a door with an 11 on it. His father asks him if he wants to hear a knock-knock joke and wakes up when he sees his father’s face.

Bode decides to visit the echo as a ghost and then in person. The echo explains how it is humanly impossible to climb out of the well and that she can pass through the well house door without fading away. The echo also tells how she knew Bode’s father and about other doors and the Anywhere Key, a key that can open doors to anywhere. Bode then gives the echo a pair of scissors and a hand mirror, in which the echo is reflected as a rotting corpse.

We then find Sam Lesser in his cell, tattooing himself. The echo then gives him the scissors and mirror and states that they are the keys to his cell.

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