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    After the death of their father Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode Locke are taken, along with their mother Nina, to the Locke family's ancestral home, Keyhouse, in Lovecraft, Massachusetts.

    The issue starts in a flashback to Mendocino Valley. Nina Locke answers the door to find Sam Lesser and Al Grubb, who are concealing a pistol and hatchet respectively. Taking a break from painting the house, Tyler contemplates the other places he would like to be, with Rod Fess in Baja or with his cousin Orin. Kinsey comes to take Tyler and Bode back to work. At the same time Rendell enters the house to find the two assailants.

    The story comes to the present in San Francisco with Tyler Locke standing over an urn at a memorial service. After the service Tyler sits alone as Rod and Orin try to comfort him. His uncle Duncan sits beside him, and Tyler recalls a conversation that his parents had about the family going to Keyhouse if his father died.

    The story returns to flashback as the Locke children near the house. Suddenly a gun shot sounds from within. Tyler peers in a window at Sam holding a pistol. As Al and Sam argue about someone hearing the gunfire, there is a noise outside. Tyler has fallen over and now has full bucket of paint on his foot. Sam goes outside to find a trail of white footsteps leading into the cellar, he does not notice Kinsey and Bode cowering on the roof behind the chimney.

    The story returns to the present with the Lockes entering Lovecraft, Massachusetts. The family finally arrives at Keyhouse.

    Returning to the flashback, Sam follows the trail to find Tyler's shoe, as Tyler stands behind him, brick in hand. Sam turns and shoots, Tyler lunges and tackles Sam as he fires three more shots. With his back to the wall Tyler strikes Sam in the face with the brick. Sam fires again as Tyler hurls the brick into his face. Tyler takes Sam to the ground, knocks the gun away, and beats Sam unconscious with a brick. Gun in hand, Tyler enters the house by climbing a ladder from the cellar. Al is there to meet him and kicks Rendell's body into the cellar. Tyler tries to shoot Al, but there no more bullets. As Al comments on finding his hatchet, Nina uses it to strike him in the head, killing him.

    In the present as Bode tries to retrieve a sword from the wall he notices something lying on the framing above a door. Bode knocks the object down to find that it is a key, and proceeds to use it on the door.

    We now find that Sam is imprisoned. In his cell he talks to his sink of how he was promised a new home, a new face. Suddenly a face appears in the water and says that he has both and that soon he will be released from this place.

    The story returns to Bode opening the door. As he steps through his body falls to the ground and a ghost of him continues forward. Looking down he realizes this and rushes back through the door. His dead body reanimates and he slams the door shut.



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    Greatest Horror and Mystery Story ever told in comic book histor 0

    After reading Neil Gaiman’s fantastic “Sandman” series, I never would have thought that there would be another graphic novel that blends horror and mystery perfectly together.   But I was wrong as I soon discovered a new graphic novel that does just that called “Locke and Key: Welcome to Lovecraft!”   “Locke and Key: Welcome to Lovecraft” is an Eisner Award nominated graphic novel superbly written by Joe Hill along with dramatic artwork by Gabriel Rodriguez and it is definitely a horror/mystery...

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    Review of Volume 1 Hardcover 0

    I heard of this book, most likely the same way everyone else heard about it, that Stephen kings son, Joe Hill, is writing a comic book. Now, he is a very good writer in his own right (I have come to find out lately), but all I knew was a famous person’s kid was trying to write a comic. Right. I’ll put it next to the books written by Milo Ventimiglia, or Tyrese Gibson (MAY-HEM!!!!..... anyone?). So, I didn’t buy it in issues, thinking it was just a gimmick for a celebrity. Then the reviews start ...

    0 out of 0 found this review helpful.

    Worth Unlocking 0

    This series had passed me by, but I now see it`s had two or three volumes and a proposed television series! It was the `Lovecraft` word that drew me, and looking at the cover I thought Locke & Key was a Cthulhu Mythos based story... It isn`t. It`s a mysterious dark fantasy, although we don`t really get too much of that until the last couple of pages. Welcome To Lovecraft concerns itself with telling us, the readers, about the unfortunate Tyler and how he comes to stay at the imposing gothic ...

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