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Lockdown makes his first appearance during Chris Claremont’s run on the Fantastic Four during the Heroes Return storyline. He is introduced along with his partner Rosetta Stone, while they patrol Shadow City. They are soon alerted to the Tetrad's brand of villainy (the Tetrad were in fact the fantastic four). He lept into action and using his advanced weaponry and sheer skill he single-handedly defeats them all. With the threat averted he then went on to attend a banquet. Sue Storm freed her friends and they joined forces with the Twisted Sisters. Once Lockdown got wind of this he tracked them down and defeated them. He then ensured that they made it to prison where they were incarcerated. Satisfied he went to his secret base.

The tetrad was more cunning than he thought however and they freed all the prisoners and staged a massive break-out. Lockdown raced to the scene and faced off with Reed Richards but the fight was cut short as they were pulled out of the virtual reality environment. At that point Lockdown and Rosetta Stone planned to continue tracking them down as they were a threat to the sanctity of their people. Later on he would travel to marvel 616 and help the heroes during the second Contest of Champions. He has not reappeared since.


Lockdown is a Marvel comics character created by Chris Claremont and Salvador Larroca.

Powers and Abilities

He is physically human and appears to have no superhuman powers or abilities. He has above average agility, strength and endurance and also appears quite proficient in standard fighting skills. He often uses a power sophisticated Battle amour which covers from his entire body from his neck down and a helmet which cover his face. The suite itself appears to have numerous abilities; Invulnerability, resistance to many biotoxins, scanners, and stealth technology (which renders his undetectable to most conventional technology), a unique radio communications system which is broadcast on a frequency only he can perceive, something called Mind bolts (which was never shown). In addition he carries an assortment of high tech weaponry such as an anti-flame coagulant which he once used to take down the human torch, a neuron disrupter that induces a non-lethal paralysis, and an ultra-frequency screamer that emits a sonic barrage which can disrupt brain functions. His main weapon however is a fighting style which induces paralysis by focusing on specific nerve clusters. This is quite useful and can even be used on opponents with superhuman strength and durability such as the thing. In addition to this he has access to a car/ship which he calls the Night Cruiser, which has dimensional hoping technology and many other devices. He also has access to the virtual reality world of Shadow City which is automatically programmed to give him the upper hand. While in that environment he is practically unbeatable.

Physical CharacteristicsHeight: 5' 11"Weight: 184 lbs.Eyes: BrownHair: Black


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